Everything You Need To Know About Water Saving Crystals

Watering plants can become a task, especially if you live in a dry, hot, and drought-prone area. Even otherwise, with changing rainfall patterns and an increase in average temperatures, thanks to global warming, people world over are looking for solutions so they can save water. At the same time, they want to keep their plants hydrated in the dry summer heat. 

Enter Water Crystals by brands like Watersave which is a breakthrough technology in water management that is quickly becoming a common practice in agriculture and horticulture.

What Do You Understand By Water Saving Crystals?

So, what exactly are water-saving crystals? In simple terms, they are, as the name suggests, tiny crystal-shaped balls that are actually polymers or Polyacrylamide crystals. When added to the soil or the potting mix, they can increase the moisture-retaining capacity of your soil and make your garden greener and healthier.

These crystals, after being added to the soil, may act like a sponge. They absorb water and nutrients and gradually release them into the soil keeping the roots hydrated. These crystal balls last for up to years or so and degrade progressively and dissolve in the soil. Indeed a revolutionary technology that helps to water your plants when you forget to. 

Do They Really Work?

Water-saving crystals, Hydrogels, moisture beads or moisture crystals are often marketed as a drought-proof and water-saving solution for gardeners. 

While these do help drought-proof your plants to some extent, they do not help you save water. It implies you’d still need to water them every two days or so in hot summers. The plants still use the same amount of water. The only difference is that these crystals increase the soil’s moisture-holding capacity and keep them wet for a slightly longer period. 

Usually, when you water your plants, the water quickly flows through to the bottom of the pot or the garden bed and eventually evaporates. These crystals hold the water in the root zone of the plant. So in a way, these water crystals make for more efficient use of water in the soil. They’re no substitutes for water but an ideal solution for people who find it difficult to water their plants every day in summers or when they’re away for a few days. 

Remember, they are no miracle solution and don’t work for extended periods. 

Benefits of Using Water Crystals

  • Reduces the frequency of watering and maintains a well-aerated soil structure.
  • Holds the water in the roots, thereby allowing for the healthy growth of plants with strong roots.
  • Water-saving crystals are biodegradable. They do not accumulate in soil or water. They have a life of up to 5 years, and during their lifetime they can dry out and rehydrate many times releasing all the water and nutrients into the soil. They eventually dissolve in water. 
  • Environmentally safe as no reported toxicity on aquatic life has been reported.
  • They have no adverse impact on the soil microbe population, which you need for good healthy soil.
  • Suitable for use in gardens, lawns, potted plants, shrubs, trees and large scale agricultural use. Can be used for container-grown plants as well.
  • Can be used in seed germination, transplanting.
  • These crystals can reduce leaching losses of fertilizer and other nutrients. They absorb, store and release fertilizer and nutrients as readily as water. 

To conclude, water-saving crystals are an ideal environment-friendly water management solution for plants and trees. So if you too are looking for a breakthrough solution to keep your plants hydrated for extended periods, consider including Watersave in your gardening kit. Make your garden water-wise and save yourself the hassle of watering your plants every single day during dry, hot summer days!


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