Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Michigan MMJ Card

Michigan has among the longest-running medical marijuana programs in the U.S. The state legalized MMJ in 2008 and went one step further by beginning recreational sales in December 2019. Indeed, MI has among the most generous adult-use limits in the country at 2.5 ounces.

However, it is still worth getting a Michigan MMJ card. Apart from paying less for your weed, you have access to higher potency products and the chance to buy the substance in states with reciprocity. If you’re interested in learning how to apply for a medical marijuanas card in Michigan, read this concise yet informative guide.


Create Your Michigan MMJ Account and Find a Licensed Physician

People must first visit the official Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA) website and register online to get a Michigan MMJ card. Open the link and choose “New Users: Register for an Account.” You must provide basic personal data (such as your name, address, and date of birth) and establish a username and password.

Once you’ve set up your online user account, locate a marijuana doctor in Michigan and schedule an appointment. Patients cannot be granted a Michigan MMJ card without a doctor’s permission. You’ll need to look for physicians online since the state does not maintain a directory of cannabis physicians. Throughout the state, there are several MMJ assessment clinics.

You can make things a lot easier by using a service such as MMJCardOnline. This reputable brand connects you with trusted providers such as Veriheal and Leafwell. From there, you can book an online consultation and get your written certification in minutes.

Whether you choose an online or in-person appointment, please note that each clinic has unique application procedures for the Michigan MMJ card. It is now time for you to visit the doctor and submit your application.

Discuss Your Use of Medical Marijuana with the Doctor

A medicinal marijuana examination in Michigan resembles any other doctor’s appointment. The doctor will do a routine exam once you are in the consultation room. They will review your medical history and discuss whether medicinal marijuana is a viable treatment choice for your illness.

If you’re brand-new to medical marijuana, now would be a fantastic time to learn more about how it works and which strains would be best for you. If approved, the doctor or another staff member will review the state’s medicinal marijuana laws with you. The office will then finish the necessary documentation and submit the last bit of your application.

Be aware that you must provide residence documentation to the MMJ assessment center for them to finish your application packet. Valid forms of ID include a Michigan driver’s license, a signed voter registration card or a personal Michigan state identification card.

You should know that a duplicate voter registration card without a signature is invalid. Finally, let’s say you need a formal caregiver to submit your application for medicinal marijuana. In this situation, you must consult the state’s FAQ section on caregiver registration.

Additionally, your medical certificate must be signed and updated within six months of your application.

Other Important Information When Apply for Your Michigan MMJ Card

Once you have your medical marijuana card, you can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of “usable” marijuana. For the record, 36 fluid ounces of MMJ in liquid form, 7 grams of MMJ in gaseous form and 16 ounces of MMJ in solid form count as one ounce of usable marijuana.

It is also legal to cultivate up to 12 marijuana plants at home with a Michigan MMJ card. You should find it easy to purchase weed in MI since the state has several hundred dispensaries. Finally, you can expect to pay around $200 for the doctor’s consultation along with the state’s $40 application fee. For the record, a Michigan MMJ card is valid for two years.

Final Thoughts on Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

Even though recreational weed is now legal in Michigan, getting your MMJ card remains worthwhile. Apart from benefiting from products with higher concentrations of THC, you pay significantly less for your marijuana. Furthermore, the process is quick and easy since it is possible to apply online. 



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