The Essentials of Proper Hair Care.

How many times have you seen your favorite celeb’s amazing hair do and how many times have you wondered how come you can never seem to replicate it? Of course, they’ve got top-end stylists working their hair; but you can also bet your last dollar they follow the essentials of proper hair care. No matter who you are, you can adopt some of these tips to ensure quality, thick hair.

You’ll Need a Hair Thickening Spray

Whether you want an elegant do for a special occasion, or are simply looking to maintain a conventional style, a hair thickening spray will pump up your hair and hide thinning hair and bald patches. The highest quality thickening sprays enlarge the very fibers, themselves. You’ll notice the difference immediately as your hair will look fuller, thicker and healthier.

Use Dry Shampoo For Best Results

Most people use dry shampoo, in fact – but not everyone uses it correctly. You want to be sure to massage the shampoo into your hair at the roots; do this thoroughly, and then promptly use a dryer on high to get rid of it. The common method is to rub the shampoo in, leave it for a while, and then blow dry it out. But this is not best method. By removing the shampoo promptly, you take advantage of its ability to capture oil and dirt. It will carry these damaging objects out of your hair, thereby providing long-term protection of the fibers at the roots.

Keep Portable Conditioner Handy

This one is definitely for special occasions, as you don’t want to do it too frequently. Keep tubes of hair conditioner handy when you want your hair to look its absolute best – perhaps for a gala dinner, a Broadway show or a date. If you color your hair at all, the coloring kit often comes with the conditioner; save these up for later use.

The effect of a conditioner is endow your hair with a protective, lustrous sheen – courtesy of the silicone the conditioner contains. You can also obtain inexpensive conditioner tubes at your local hair and beauty salon or learn more about hair loss treatment with prp for hair loss.

Dry Your Hair Using an Absorbent Quick Dry Towel

Purchase this type of towel specifically; it works wonders when applied on your hair immediately after showering or washing it. The primary benefit comes with the after-shower treatment – for most people, this entails the use of a blow dryer. The quick dry towel allows you to use the lower heat settings on the blow dryer; as any hair expert will tell you, excess heat is the death of hair follicles and results on thinning hair or hair loss.

An added benefit of the towel is the reduction in fizziness, which also leaves your hair more amenable to styling. There are several great brands – look for them online at major retailers.

Sleep on a Silk Pillow

This luxurious advice is also very practical. Most of the damage to your hair – by conventional means, anyway – occurs at night when all the tossing and turning causes breakage at the root. With a silk pillow, you not only enjoy a soothing night of rest, but you significantly cut down on hair damage. It will save you time in the morning, too, since your hair will be less tangled and brushing will take only a fraction of the usual time.

You don’t have to get a full silk pillow, of course – just the sheets will do. The latter option is more cost-effective, anyway, as you can wash sheets much more easily than an entire pillow.

Another thing you could do is put your hair up in a loose bun while sleeping. That way it will be less tangled and you’ll comb it more easily in the morning.


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