Embarking on a Mini Golf Adventure Across Hackney

Any visitor to London’s East borough, is going to be captivated by the blend of vibrancy and diversity with history, creativity, and modernity, that are found in the area of Hackney. Numerous galleries are located in the city, making it famous for its artistic scene, together with street art and bustling markets like Broadway Market and Columbia Road Flower Market. It’s hard for someone to overlook the cultural heritage, profound in its eclectic architecture, as well as the historic Hackney Empire theatre, where a variety of performances are showcased.

Although, it’s not all about hustle and bustle, as outdoor spaces for relaxation and gatherings can be spotted, from London Fields Park to the Regent’s Canal.
Adding Hackney to the must-visit destinations list, will reward you with its trendy cafés, artisanal shops and lively nightlife. 

Among the several entertainment options, the city also offers opportunities that bring to the foreground your sports’ spirit and the adrenaline rush that comes with it.  Grab the chance for creating long-lasting memories with your friends, by visiting at least one Mini-Golf location!

  • Entertainment and Indulgence

Suitable for players of all levels, featuring imaginative holes and challenging obstacles, the Birdies Crazy Golf, is characterized for its vibrant atmosphere, and the offer of a diverse range of culinary delights, for you to satisfy your cravings. Fusion burgers, tempting tacos, or mouthwatering desserts along with a variety of craft beers and signature cocktails to accompany them are awaiting you. Still, the best part is not revealed. The beats of the live DJ set, add an extra layer of excitement and energy, by providing a pulsating soundtrack to your mini golf adventure. 

  • The Most Quirky and Colorful

A delightful venue, promising a unique and exciting experience, for any enthusiast seeking for his crazy mini golf in Hackney kind of paradise. The courses of Plonk Golf, are designed to be equally enjoyable for beginners and experienced players alike and are full of winding path and tricky ramps. What distinguishes the place, is its anthropocentric approach; the game is just a tool to bring together people, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition.

  • The Refreshing Nature Escape

Serene and natural ambiance, surrounded by lush greenery and an open space setting, the Adventure Golf course inside Hackney Marshes Centre, creates a welcoming environment for the perfect family-bonding activity. The picturesque setting provides an opportunity to relax, making you feel like you’ve escaped the bustling city and entered a tranquil oasis. The course itself, is the combination of the charming landscape with cascading water features, mini hills, and creative obstacles, elements that add to the fun and excitement.



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  • We love playing mini-golf – you just discover how so much about yourself playing this game. It’s also a good stepping stone if one wants to play the real game…


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