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Effects Of Exercise On Overall Wellness

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A hearty dose of physical exercise is capable of having a tremendous effect on just about everyone’s wellness. The fact is that even brief periods of exertion, say a 10-minute walk, can raise mental acuity and improve moods.

Getting involved in routine exercise is terrific for boosting self-esteem. It is also known to lower overall levels of anxiety and stress. Regular exertion can work to stave off mental health concerns while also helping people cope with existing mental health conditions.


Mood Lifter

Research has revealed that physical exercise really does have an upward effect on overall mood. One study had subjects assign a rating to their current mood just after engaging in exercise as well as after sedentary periods. The authors of the study reported that subjects were happier, had greater alertness and experienced a better sense of calm following a bout of exercise as stacked up against the aftermath of being inactive. It was also revealed that physical exercise had the most significantly positive effect on those whose moods started out at a low ebb.

Numerous research studies have been conducted concerning the intensity level of exercise and the impact on mood. Generally speaking, it is has been determined that positive effects on mood were best achieved through 3-5 days a week of low-intensity exercise done for about 30 minutes per session.

Stress Reducer

Anytime something happens that is stressful or unsettling, humans tend to produce a stress reaction that can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms and behaviors that most would like to avoid.

Typical reactions in this realm include insomnia, reduction in appetite, perspiration and more. These are the result of increased hormonal activity in the body, often referred to as “fight or flight” reactions. Adrenaline rushes increase blood pressure and heart rate in an attempt to ready the body for a quick reactive response to the perceived threat. These hormones may also limit blood flow toward the skin and slow stomach activities. Cortisol is a stress hormone that raises energy levels by releasing sugars and fat.

With all of this in mind, it makes sense that exercise has the ability to lower overall stress. Studies show that those who engage in regular physical activity experience lower levels of stress than those who do not exercise often or are wholly sedentary.


Physical wellness is not the only area in which exercise has a positive effect. Self-esteem also rises with routine activity. Self-worth is a very relevant measure of overall mental health according to Chicago psychiatrists, Clarity Clinic  and the capacity to handle life’s inevitably stressful events.

The positive relationship between exercise and self-esteem has been researched thoroughly and seen in people of all ages and genders. Physical activity really is a benefit for everyone.

Cognitive Health Of Seniors

Medical breakthroughs of all sorts have resulted in greater longevity among the aging segments of our population. However, many of those living longer also have to contend with cognitive concerns and dementia. Memory loss being one of the primary symptoms is also one of the most vexing. Progressing gradually over time, seniors affected in this way experience a loss of concentration and attentiveness, and this is true even for those without formal dementia diagnoses.

Physical exercise has been shown as a valuable way of staving off dementia, particularly in those with an increased risk. Individuals already suffering from dementia may find that exercise can slow or perhaps even stop further cognitive deterioration. Research has suggested that those who engage in regular activity have up to a 30 percent reduction in the risk of dementia as well as depression as they age. These are startling findings that must not be overlooked by senior citizens and those who care for them.

Anxiety And Depression Treatment

Those battling depression may want to try exercise as an alternative method of treating their condition. Some may want to use exercise alone as a way to address their affliction, while others might use it in conjunction with medication and therapy. Exercise does not bring the often-lamented side effects of certain antidepressant drugs and is free from the stigma many feel with regard to seeking professional therapy.

Anxiety levels have been shown to decrease in those with milder symptoms who embark on a program of physical exercise. Regular activity is thought to also have promise as a treatment for those with clinically significant anxiety. With virtually no cost involved and a myriad of physical and mental benefits to be gained, anyone interested in boosting overall wellness really should give serious thought to beginning an exercise program right away.


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