Driver At Fault Uninsured? Here’s How To Protect Your Interests

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No matter how much we try to drive safely, accidents happen. The damage and injuries that come as a result can bring very serious ramifications for everyone involved. The injuries that victims have to deal with might demand a long and painful journey to recovery, as well as all the financial costs and lost wages during that time. Some are even so unfortunate that they suffer permanent damage to their limbs and even the brain, resulting in disabilities they will never recover from.

It is because of this that everyone who drives is urged, and often legally required, to get driver’s insurance. Car insurance makes it possible for an at-fault driver to pay compensation to people they caused to endure those injuries and the costs that come with them without going bankrupt. In order to collect the payment, the victims might want to get the help of competent accident lawyers in their area.

However, there are still drivers who drive without any active insurance coverage. If such drivers cause an injury to someone as a result of their reckless driving, the victims might have to rely on their own insurance policies to pay for their hospital bills and other expenses. Otherwise, they may never be able to get the financial compensation they need to go on with their life.

It is because of cases like this that all individuals are advised to include in their insurance policy a clause that would allow them to collect uninsured motorist claims or UM claims. This is especially important for parents who drive with children in their vehicles that can also get injured in an accident. Of course, having this clause comes at a price. Now, in order to maximize the value of UM claims, there are matters that you must pay close attention to.

Document all pain and suffering

The pain and suffering that the victim goes through as a result of the crash are among the most important factors that can affect the amount of their UM claims. Injuries that bring clinically verifiable pain, and not just plain discomfort or annoyances, can help bolster the amount claimed.

Injuries that stop the victim from doing the things that they normally engage in can also increase the amount of the claim, especially if the activities that have been disturbed are those that are related to the victim’s work or business.

Another thing to look into is the permanence of the damage. Permanent issues such as severed limbs or fingers warrant considerably higher compensation. For sure, there will be activities that can’t be performed the same way as before, given these issues.

That’s why it is important to collect evidence and documentation for as many examples of this as possible. Medical bills, notes from your rehabilitation facility, even a personal statement that documents instances where you found you are temporarily or permanently unable to perform basic tasks or hobbies that you did before can help.

If your child was injured, you can do the documentation for them. You should especially note any examples of how their development was hampered as a result of the injuries they sustained.

Keep records of all hospital and treatment bills

In the current setup that we are in, almost nothing is free. Even emergency procedures have high costs attached to them. Now, if you or anyone in your family has to go through expensive tests and other procedures just to aid with recovery, then the value of those procedures can be added to the value of the claim. However, take note that the amounts should be clearly reflected in official receipts.

Argue for non-economic damages as well

Aside from those that have something to do with money and work performance, the victim can also ask for compensation for non-economic damages. For example, an injury that leaves highly visible scars on the face can cause severe insecurity on the part of the victim. Clearly, the way that they live their life is significantly impacted by this injury. The victim just has to make proper arguments so that the insurer will include it in the claim.

Preparing for the events in the future, even the unfortunate ones, is never wrong. In fact, it is recommended so that you will never be put in very difficult financial situations. Take a minute to review your car insurance policy to see if it includes uninsured motorist coverage.


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