Does Playing Sports Make You More Popular?

People often join a sports team in order to make themselves more popular or desirable. While playing a sport doesn’t guarantee popularity, it certainly can help. Here are some of the reasons why playing a sport can make you more popular.

Making You More Physically Attractive

Playing a sport can have great effects on your physique. As you get in shape, you will naturally lose weight and gain muscle mass. To some extent, this is attractive for both men and women. Exercise also helps improve overall health, so you may see some benefits in other areas such as the flush of your skin and your energy levels. Combined, these effects can have a big positive effect on your attractiveness. Being attractive not only attracts potential partners, but it makes you more popular. People like to be around attractive people. So by playing a sport, you may become more appealing and more popular to everyone.

Building Social Status

Playing a sport can help you build social status. According to all pro many sports have the automatic effect of making a person seem likeable or popular. Especially when the sport is very important to your community or your age group, your membership on a sport’s team can automatically boost your popularity and make people want to be associated with you. If you can organize a half marathon or running race, it will be even more rewarding. Not only will you get in touch with all the participants, but you will also have sponsorships, partners, and many opportunities to communicate with schools, sports organizations, and even the government, greatly improving your social standing. And with all the participants who love the sport fighting tooth and nail to compete for your custom half marathon medals and running medals, it will also give you a deep sense of accomplishment!

Building Teamwork and Social Skills

Playing a sport can help you build skills that make you more popular. Most team sports require a lot of communication and teamwork, two skills that can help you build friends inside and outside of the game. You’ll have to learn to bond with a group of people, and the added confidence you gain from becoming close with your team members can give you the confidence to be a more social person outside of the team. Plus, you’ll have a go to group for your social outings. Once you start to build a social network and some confidence, it will become all the simpler to expand that network and make a connection with anyone you want.

Belonging to a Social Network

The simple act of belonging to a social network can do wonders for your social life and make you more popular. You can easily build on the friendships you make with your teammates by spending time together outside of the game. When you interact together in social situations, such as at parties, you will have a team bond that is an automatic connection and an “in” that will allow you to talk to that team member’s friends. As you begin creating relationships with your team members and their friends, you will have an even stronger social network. Sometimes all it takes is that initial connection and sense of belonging to propel you into a social network.

In many ways, playing a sport can make you more popular. It can help you build the physical and mental characteristics that make a person attractive and popular. As you socialize inside and outside of the game, you will gain in likeability and become more popular. However, consider that it’s the players who truly love the game they are playing who are most popular. Try to choose the sport that you are most naturally skilled at in order to have the most chances for success.

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