Do your children bit his or her siblings?

Is it normal for children to bite? Yes! Many kids start biting at a younger age especially when they are teething but once they reach a certain age biting shouldn’t be tolerated. More often parents will allow the biting sega to continue until child reaches a certain age if it’s not under control soon it can cause problems for child when attending school.
Many children bite for many reason depending on their age, children who bite around the age group of 5-7 months are usually in the teething stage. Biting is a way to give their mouth relief when they have discomfort. Sometimes a child will bite because they are excited or frustrated or just want to have control over that other person.

There’s so many reason biting occurs, most often when many children are together. Parents can help their children with biting with proper supervision that includes helping children express their feelings appropriately.
It can become a serious problem for your child if he/she is persistently biting and show other aggressive behaviors, especially if they are older than age 3, may have other health or emotional issues. These children should be seen by a doctor.
The number one thing is “Dont Allow Your Child To Bite” anyone for any reason!!
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This is not a paid post nor an endorsement of any. All opinions are that of my own and if you need advise or medical help please seek your physicians expertise.



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2 thoughts on “Do your children bit his or her siblings?

  • July 27, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I’m lucky enough that neither of my children were biters.

    When my youngest was in day care, she had 3 different kids bite her in one week 🙁 Very sad. But it’s true, they were little and little kids DO bite.


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