Discord: The Perfect Client Chat Platform For Gamers.

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The association of Discord with online gamers is on the rise. In fact, there is now a growing Discord community with shared interests that open up new opportunities. In 2022, more than 70% of users agree that the app is ideal for gaming and similar shared purposes.

As a chat client, Discord couldn’t be perfect for gaming communities and gamers. What’s interesting about Discord is that it doesn’t involve complicated or redundant features for users. In fact, Discord continues to get more popular because of how simple it is for gamers. But if you’re ready to dive into the true gaming experience through Discord – avail WoW boosting services.


Discord Background and History

Since 2015, Discord has become one of the best spots for gamers to communicate and hang out online. Over the years, Discord has had significant improvements that continue to work in favor of gaming communities. From standard features to advanced features, gamers are always excited about the Discord.

Whether it’s custom emojis, custom roles, or real-time conversations, Discord looks and feels ten steps ahead of other social chat apps. Jason Citron was the creator of Discord and founded a dedicated socially-driven gaming platform, OpenFeint. At the time, he understood there was a clear need for a platform that can bring to the same table. Since the release of the chat app, Discord has had exponential growth and continues to gain more users.

The REAL Reason for Discord’s Popularity

With Discord, it has become possible for millions of gamers to communicate with diverse gaming communities in real-time. At its core, it’s “how” effectively and smoothly Discord connects users on the platform. Whether it’s Linux, macOS, Windows, or iOS, Discord provides top-notch compatibility for all users.

Whether it’s gamers who play games on consoles or gamers that focus on PC gaming, both communities need a dedicated online chat platform like Discord. In fact, Discord has managed to fill a void for gamers to streamline communication in real-time.

Today, gamers love to join friends via group voice or text chat on Discord. Users can post screenshots and memes to convey their gaming experience across the board. You can even stream a specific game one of your friends is playing and make suggestions or have fun.

Game developers often leverage Discord to introduce and share gaming goods with gaming communities. In a short time, the voice chat of Discord has become more straightforward and effective. Creative players now use the Discord chat to step up their communication efforts.

Discord Supports Game Streaming


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Contrary to misguided perception, the mechanics and built-in features of Discord are not like Twitch. In fact, it is quite different from game streaming platforms that work around public shows. Unlike other platforms, you can use Discord to check and share the progress of a game with your friends. You can also get assistance and show off your loot.

For instance, Discord bots are one of the hallmark aspects of Discord. These bots smooth out conversations for chat members. And depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of bots. The fact of the matter is that Discord serves work like town hall meetings for gamers. As a dedicated server and chat app, Discord has become an online hub for gamers to come together to community and share things in real-time.

You may not be aware of it but Discord has up to 100 million servers. And this does not even include a plethora of private servers for private chat groups. Gaming communities have started to realize and recognize the resourcefulness and usefulness of Discord servers.

If you’re interested in a game, you can just join a server of that video game and be part of all the other members talking about the game in real-time. Discord has become a platform for gamers to get closer and share their undying love of games.

Final Thoughts

In retrospect, Discord is an all-in-one chat client for gamers and continues to transform the way gaming communities interact. Whether it’s added built-in features, custom bots, or user interface, Discord works like a charm for the gaming community as a whole. You can expect Discord to garner more attraction from gamers and stand out from traditional chat clients.


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