How to Decide the Thickness of the Spring Mattress to Buy.

For a restful sleep and complete relaxation, buying a spring mattress can be the best option. The spring mattress basically helps in the distribution of body weight hence giving you a complete support and enhance your sleeping comfort. If you basically doubt the thickness of such a mattress, it is advisable that you choose per the size of bed you have. The standard bed set height is basically around 22 to 20 inches. You can also help choose your mattress thickness as per your bed height. If you have been struggling with the with mattress thickness and have queries about it, it is advisable that you visit

Choosing on a mattress thickness can be a very sensitive topic among most individuals and even mattress manufactures. In the past years, mattress thickness was made the same. The thickness did not differ some one manufacturer to the other. However, this idea came along with time and was introduced to various companies. A thicker mattress suddenly gave some impression to be better which resulted to some new error of mattresses.


The age of mattress thickness

Per consumer report, mattress thickness started from a range of six to twenty four inch thickness. The bigger thickness was considered better. It presented some challenges to various manufactures from the linen industry. Many customers raised complains that their sheets could not fit their mattresses. The ultra-thick spring/modern mattress raised such a problem. Due to these, these manufactures started the production of sheets with some extra deep pockets. This meant that you could tuck in some extra fabric.

Standard mattress thickness

When it comes to spring mattress, there is no standard spring mattress. You can find beds with a range of six to fourteen inches average thickness or even more. Only a handful of these are spring mattresses. A spring mattress thickness will definitely allow you enjoy the benefits of some pressure sensitive sleep system though the thickness you prefer will determine your overall comfort. If you have been sleeping on a spring mattress it is advisable that you consider your preferences. For instance, if you like or prefer some firm sleeping service, then consider purchasing a mattress with some high density support layer.

Weight will affect mattress thickness

A spring mattress is mainly designed to fully and equally support your body. The weight you have, then the more support you need hence the thickness your mattress should higher. Mattress thickness then is determined the comfort you need for a better sleep. You then can choose some higher density mattress for firmness and support or a thick one for softness. The choosing of mattress thickness will mainly depend on the following;

l The thickness of your bed frame

l You may sink into your mattress if overweight

l Light sleeper will feel a little firm if mattress is too thin

l How much tuck room you need for bed lines

l How high your mattress should be. This will be based on your height, if you need to jump into your bed or if you just need to sit on your bed in some finished height.

Pricing will affect your choice

Pricing can be a tricky figure though it basically falls under of if it is a bit thicker, then the price will be higher. In most cases, most buyers purchase a 12 inches mattress at the same price with the fourteen inch without an effect on the features. A spring mattress thickness will too depend on you choices. A good thickness mattress however is good for your sleep hence go ahead and indulge for just some little more cash.

How height affects your choice

While some of our customers do not have some height requirements, others do. This height differences may even make some people have difficulties in getting out of their beds. The thickness of a spring mattress then comes in to play with some two or more extra inches which brings out the whole significance in getting in and out of your bed comfortably. This is because this practice can really be a hassle which can basically ruin your sleeping experience and can even result into some injury in some cases. With the difference bed setup and frames, there comes a time when consumers are become higher of the ground than they should be, where just some few inches will make a big difference in their life.



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