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Common Driving Mistakes Everyone Is Guilty of Making

Driving is an interesting thing. For a new driver, it is always fascinating to know how to steer a car and drive on the highways with other vehicles, and it is an experience that will always be cherished. However, for successful driving and the safety of all road users, it is imperative for every driver to be extremely cautious when they are behind wheels.

This is because any slight mistake could be an accident in waiting and sometimes, the aftermath of a crush is unfathomable, especially if someone ends up losing their life due to the recklessness of another driver. It is therefore essential to be very keen when on the road so that you avoid mistakes that can cause accidents. With that said, here is a list of the some of the common mistakes people make and which you should avoid at all costs-:

Driving on low tire pressure

Most people never give the tires pressure the seriousness they deserve. Some people will even go to the extent of ignoring the warning about pressure on the dashboard lights and continue driving with poorly inflated tires. What you don’t know is that the consequences of driving the car on low pressure can be far-reaching and very expensive.

The immediate one is that the vehicle may lose stability and maneuverability, thus making you prone to causing an accident. Additionally, when the tire pressures are low, you will end up consuming more gas, implying that you will be spending more money at the gas station. Always check the tire pressure and ensure they are at the right level before you start driving, especially if you are going on a long journey.

Driving with your nerves

Most of the new drivers always let their nerves do the driving instead of concentrating and driving as taught while in the driving school. This is simply because they are anxious or they are driving a luxury car fitted with lots of cool accessories, including the best dash cam and so it scares them to drive the vehicle. If you have been a victim of this, just remember that your anxiety can cause the lives of others on the road. Get hold of yourself and drive with your brain and hands and legs and not your nerves.

Misadjusting the rear and the side mirrors

Even if you had the best dash cam on your car, you would never avoid using the rear and the side mirrors. This is especially true when you are on the highway, and you need to stay alert all the times. But one common mistake people do with these vital mirrors is that they don’t adjust them correctly. When the rear mirror and side mirrors are not adjusted correctly, you will not see what you should see to facilitate your driving on the road, and this is how some accidents are caused.

To adjust the rear mirror correctly, ensure it gives you a full view of the back window every time you look at it. You should not see your head on the rear mirror. For the side mirror, they should be adjusted wide enough so that you have a clear view of all the potential blackspots around the vehicle. This is how you will see precisely what is happening around the car and react appropriately in case of an emergency.

Failing to check the mirrors regularly

Most people are normally surprised when the view the recording on the dash cam they installed in their cars after an accident. They realize that the collision would have been avoided if they had been aware of the cars coming in front or behind them. This is why it pays to always check all the mirrors regularly when on the road. It gives you the ability to be consciously aware of what is happening around, and you will have adequate time to react in case of a potential situation. Avoid driving for long before you take a glance at the mirrors.

Improper changing of the lanes

Improper changing of lanes is a huge problem and a perilous one especially when you are driving on the highway. It is the number one cause of collisions on most highways in the United States. It happens when your timing is wrong, and you change lanes to cut off someone coming with full speed. Of course, driving conditions and scenarios will always vary, and there is no exact formula on how to change lanes.

But you must change lanes when one: you are fast enough to change without cutting off the car behind you and two; if the car behind you has signaled to you that it is okay to change lanes. Just ensure that before you change lanes, it is safe to do so. Also, remember to indicate that you intend to change lanes and use the side mirrors to check that all your blind spots are clear.

Distracted driving

So many people like to get distracted while driving not knowing that they are preparing the ground for an accident. Many are the times you have been told not to use your phone or eat while driving. These will not just take away your concentration, but also they will make you leave the steering wheel, yet both hands should be on the steering wheel every time you are driving.

Other than phone and foods, drivers easily get distracted with what is happening on the road, and they end up taking off their eyes from the road ahead. If you are involved in a crash due to distracted driving, and you view the footage on the dash cam you installed in your car, you will regret why you lost your concentration.

Using headlights at night only

Of course, you have to use headlights at night, or you will get involved in an accident. But they are not designed for night driving alone. You can also use them during rainy or snowy days to make it easy for oncoming vehicles to see so that they don’t crash into your car.


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