Celebrate Christmas Time With Honeysuckle Pink Lady Collector’s Edition Kit-Cat Klock  @KitCatClock       

We all can agree that a clock is only used for one thing…telling time. Just numbers, hands, ticks and tocks. While they do come in different shapes, sizes and colors they all are pretty much identifiable as clocks. So what do you get someone that loves cats but needs a clock? Weird request right? May not be a request or combination that is often needed but for those special occasions we have a surprise for you!

The Honeysuckle Pink Lady Collector’s Edition Kit-Cat Klock is a special clock in the form of a cat on the wall with a wagging tail!

Now when your cute Kit-Cat Klock arrives to your home it will be in the companies signature box. Once opened you will see your cute, Kit-Cat Klock laid out with it’s  wagging tale within the side of the box.

Once assembled with the tale and the clocks (2C batteries) your cute Kit-Cat Klock  is ready to be displayed.

This Original size Limited Edition stands 15.5” tall, head to tail. Her rolling eyes, wagging tail, and contagious smile are sure to bring joy, laughter, and memories to any room. Kit-Cat Klocks® have been made in America exclusively by the California Clock Company since 1932. Each Limited Edition color is made for only one year before being retired forever.

The Collector’s Edition Honeysuckle Pink Lady Kit-Cat Klock with Pearl necklace & Eyelashes is so cute, since my daughter love cats so much I know she’ll love to have this klock displayed within her room.  Now each  Lady Kit-Cat Klock comes in many colors (pink, black, green, purple and red) and 2 different sizes (12.75” and 15.5”). Some of the clocks come with bow-ties and others with pearl necklaces, it’s all up to you!

For a limited time, all Kit-Cat Klock orders will come with a free Kit-Cat Smile Greeting Card! By the way the Kit-Cat also carry Gentlemen Clocks.


Cat lovers love stocking stuffers! Cat lovers love Christmas! Shop with Kit-Cat today and get your Kit-Cat Klock! Even cat lovers need to tell time! Why not give them something they love to look at, a Kit-Cat Klock today!



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  1. The clocks are so retro and cute! I really love the Gentlemen clocks. My husband and I have a male black cat and I think it would be quite fitting to get one of these Gentlemen clocks in black!

  2. They are still so cute.

  3. These are so cool. I’d love one in my kitchen

  4. I have wanted one for a long time!

  5. These are so cute and I love the different colors!

  6. My hubby wants the dark green clock!

  7. These clocks are so adorable and I would love to have one for my daughter she loves cats

  8. These Honeysuckle Pink Lady Collector’s Edition Kit-Cat Klocks are so adorable! My Grandmother had a Black Clock like this, and I adored it! This would be such a great gift for me 🙂 as well as someone special in my life!!

  9. I have always loved these clocks and my favorite is the teal and the pink, what a cool clock

  10. Oh the memories these clocks bring back. My Mom and Grand mom both had these clocks in black and I loved them.

  11. I love cats and have seen the black one with the bow tie before, but did not realize they came in different colors and had the option of pearls. If I win I would choose a pink one with pearls. Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

  12. The Honeysuckle Pink Lady Collector’s Edition Kit-Cat Klock is absolutely wonderful. I love cats and I Iove the style and color of this clock!

  13. I would love this in my craft room! They are too cute

  14. My favorite aunt had a black cat clock in her kitchen and remember i always wanted that clock! I really love the colors they have now, especially the pink!

  15. My great grandmother had one of this clocks when I was a kid. I think the lady clocks are super cute

  16. I love these clocks. The lady ones are cute.

  17. These are so cute. I remember the really old ones and how expensive they were.

  18. When I was young, my sister and I had a black cat clock like the one above on the wall in our bedroom. Thinking of it brings back some fond memories! This is one of the reasons I entered the giveaway – emotional nostalgia. I don’t know what happened to Felix!

  19. I love these clocks. They are so cute and I love the colors they come in. Yes I am a big cat lover we rescue unwanted cats

  20. I remember having a black one like this in our kitchen when I was growing up. Still love them.

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