Breathe Right Nasal Strips , A Great Solution to Your Snoring?


For years I have seen Breathe Right nasal strips, but never thought to even give them a try until now.

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I really wasn’t sure as to what they were or how effective they would be. You know how you pass these type of products in many retail stores all the time, thinking would it work or not!

Well, let me tell you more about these strips and what their purpose is: Breathe Right has sold their nasal strips worldwide since 1992. Bruce Johnson, the creator behind the product was on a mission to find something that would offer him relief from his sinuses. He not only had bad sinuses he suffered chronic allergies just like many of us today. So in 1988, the idea came to him one night. He worked hard to develop the concept, and was ready to start production in 1991. By 1992, it was made available to the public. Since then, it has been a popular product with those who have sinus issues.

The Breathe Right Strips are available in many different sizes,  styles and they even have them for kids. Strips such as Extra Clear, Clear, Advanced, Original Tan and Menthol. The only difference in some of these Breathe Right Strips are the clear ones. They are said to be much easier to remove, which would make them great for those who have very sensitive / dry skin. The Menthol Breathe Right Strips has mentholated vapors that are encapsulated inside microscopic beads. By scratching the strip, the beads are broken and the vapors are released. These would be great to use on the kids.

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They are very easy to use, and  are nonprescription and drug-free strips that work  to open nasal passages. In doing so, the airflow resistance through the nasal passages is reduced, thereby improving the ability to breathe through the nose.

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The Nasal strips are made of flexible, spring-like bands that fit right above the flare of the nostrils. The underside is adhesive so that once positioned on the nose, they stay there. As the bands attempt to straighten back to their original shape, they lift the sides of the nose and open the nasal passages.

This lifting action helps open inflamed sinus passages and makes it easier to breath. Nose strips provide relief for congestion due to colds, allergies, or a deviated septum and reduce snoring caused by nighttime nasal congestion.

And if you’re wondering will these Nasal Strips Stop Snoring? I really can’t say, what I can say is each individual may have an different effect so it really do depends on that person and how restricted their nasal passage is.

I can only say the Breathe Right Stripes really worked well with me last week when I had a stuffy nose from a summer cold I caught while on vacation. I was really having a very hard time breathing and to be able to breathe through my nose again, felt so good! I was even able to get a good night sleep again. These strips really did help me, my nasal passages opened right up!


So the next time you’re feeling stuffy from a cold or a bad sinuses problem, grab a few boxes of Breathe Right Strips and let them help unlock your nasal passage.


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