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BODYARMOR Sports Drink,

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bodyarmorHave you heard of BODYARMOR Sports Drinks?! If not, then don’t worry: you’re not alone. This was my first time hearing about these sports drinks, and I’m quite glad to have been introduced to them!

With my boys and my son being the athletic they are, these drinks are just what their body needs after a long hard day. For the last few months my grandsons have been playing basketball non-stop. And every day when they arrive home, they are completely exhausted.

Now, I know that coach Dan provides them with water as well as other sports drinks to keep them hydrated, but I was excited to see how their bodies would react to the BODYARMOR Super Drinks.


Now, BODYARMOR was kind enough to send me six of their flavored Super Drinks to try out. I wasn’t too sure how any of the kids or my husband would feel about the sports drinks: they all enjoy drinking their own type of sport drinks.

Before I inform you on how my family reacted to the BODYARMOR Drinks, let me tell you a little about them. BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink with more potassium packed from electrolytes, vitamins, and coconut water. It is low in sodium and has NO artificial ingredients at all-unlike some sports drinks.

BODYARMOR comes in 7-great tasting flavors: fruit punch, orange-mango, strawberry-banana, tropical punch, lemon-lime, mixed berry, and grape.


All of which taste, amazing and provide your body with the nutrient it needs.

Did you know that many top athletes have chosen BODYARMOR sports drink to be the first thing they grab after a workout? Athletes such as: Mike Trout, Andrew Luck, James Harden, Rob Gronkowski, Buster Posey, Richard Sherman, Kevin Love, Skylar Diggins and so do Sydney LeRoux…cool right?

Well, how about I tell you about my own athletes, my grandsons. This past weekend the boys had their last basketball game. Once it was over I gave them both and Coach Dan a BODYARMOR Sports Drink of their choice.

Here are their thoughts:

Coach Dan: “I’m impressed with the BODYARMOR Sports Drink! I chose Orange Mango since I like both flavors. I have to give BODYARMOR Two Thumbs UP!!” Which he did while chuckling, “The mixed blend of these two flavors taste great! After a long morning of coaching these kids, I couldn’t help but feel tired. Not anymore, though!

After drinking my BODYARMOR sport drink, I felt as though it helps to increase my electrolytes.” He stated while reading off the bottle. “I also noticed other significant benefits that’ll be great other sport lovers like myself. The drink also has tons of vitamins, which I like! For example ,they contain Vitamin A, E, B6, B12 and C and so much more. Not to mention, that it has NO Caffeine, NO Preservatives, and Free from Nuts or Gluten.

I don’t have to worry about my team drinking BODYARMOR Sports Drinks and having it trigger their allergies: there are NO ingredients that will harm them! I think my team will love them.”


Jalen thoughts(age9): “I like them! I like that they don’t taste nasty like other sport drinks that my Mom has given to us.  Mom says they have a lot of vitamins! If so I’m going to feel good, because I drank two of them!” He broke out into a boyish laugh.”

Jordan thoughts(5): “T-They taste good!  I had…umm..” He didn’t even know what flavor he was drinking, he only chugged it down. Lol. “I had the strawberry-banana one! It was cold and I could taste the banana, they’re good.” LOL, that’s all we heard from him!!

Overall, as a sports mom I do feel that BODYARMOR Sport Drinks are great for those who play hard. I believe they will keep your child or team players hydrated to perform their very best!

I do intend on purchasing more, and I know they are available at many retail stores. Even at my local retailers such as Target and  Meijers!!


Now you can try BODYAMOR Sport Drinks, just download this coupon today.


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  • wow thank you– Never heard of Body Armor — but I will be looking for it now

  • Well, I didn’t get the coupon for body Armor because I don’t care for sports drinks. But, I’m commenting so I can get an entry!

  • These drinks look interesting

  • I have never heard of this drink before. Maybe it’s because i’m from a small town i guess but i’ll have to take a look around for it.

  • I have heard of them. I have been entering to win one of these too.


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