Best Lego Sets for Kids of All Ages

Building Lego sets is a great bonding moment for your kids, and even for the whole family. With the right pieces, your kids can build anything! From their own city to their dream car and their own house.

Another great thing about Legos is that they’re not only colorful and fun to play with, but they also help your kids develop in almost all aspects! Lego building will help your kids’ brains and their motor skills to develop. If they’re playing with other kids, they can also develop their social skills at an early age. 

If you have little ones at the house and you’re looking for a new toy for your next bonding time, shopping for the best Lego sets in town is a great idea! Below are only some of the best age-appropriate sets for them.

  1. Best Lego brick set for ages 1-3

Normally, Lego pieces for the very little ones are larger so you don’t have to worry about them choking on the pieces. As you already know, kids love to put everything in their mouths so it would be safer if the pieces are bigger.

It’s also important to note that the kids at this age do not have enough strength yet. So the set that you must look for must contain pieces that are easier to snap together. This way your young ones can play on their own.

Lego Duplo My First Number Train

This is basically what we’re talking about. It’s composed of large and stackable pieces, with numbers on them, that serve as the train’s body. The train has moveable wheels so kids can move it around.

Also, boy and girl figures are included in the box so your kids can make up their own story revolving around the rail tracks!

  1. Best Lego brick set for ages 3-5

If you have kids that are a little older, you can now buy sets that have smaller bricks, but not too tiny! Because at this age, little ones still tend to chew everything that they get their hands on. Take this Lego set for example:

Lego Duplo Number Town Steam Train

This is just like the first one, but it’s more advanced. This set is composed of  59 colored Lego bricks.

But the best part is, it’s also powered by a small motor that your kids can turn on and off in a flick of a switch! This way, your kids can watch the whole train move as they recite the numbers!

  1. Best Lego brick sets for ages 5-7

As your kids grow old, the toys that they play with must keep up with their level of thinking. And if you’re still going for Lego sets as a birthday gift to them, you might as well buy a set that’s appropriate for their age.

Lego City Ice-Cream Truck

This set has 200 pieces! It can be a bit of a challenge but for sure your kids can build this! It also has two pairs of moveable wheels so your kids can move them around and serve some ice cream!

Legal City Police Monster Truck Heist

Now, this is what you call a scene! This set is a little more complicated than the first one because of the scenario that it lays out for your child. It’s a heist set, complete with the heroes and the anti-heroes.

It’s a 362-piece set that includes the robber’s getaway vehicle, which is a monster truck, police mobiles, police motorcycles, and the bank itself! It also has Lego police action figures and other characters.

Once your kids have built the setting, they can certainly make numerous stories out of it.



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