Is Your Bed To Blame For Sleepless Nights?

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When you can’t sleep, it’s easy to blame the neighbors, the street lights or even stress at work, but have you ever thought that your bed could be the reason sleepless nights are par for the course? When you get into bed at the end of the day, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. If you’re tossing and turning or you have persistent aches and pains, it may be time to take a trip to the local bed store or start searching for a new mattress online.

Identifying the cause of sleepless nights

If you struggle to sleep on a regular basis, it’s beneficial to try and pinpoint a cause as quickly as possible. Once you know what’s keeping you awake, you can try and take steps to remedy the situation. Keep a sleep diary. Figure out why and when you’re waking up. Is there too much noise? Is your room too light? Are you finding it hard to switch off when you first get into bed? Can you never get comfortable? Are you in pain? Often, there are relatively simple solutions. If noise is a problem, wear earplugs while you sleep, keep the doors and windows closed or ask your neighbors if they could be a little quieter at night. If light is streaming through the windows, invest in heavier curtains or hang blackout blinds. If you can’t get comfy or you’re in pain, consider looking for a new mattress.

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Finding the right bed for you

If you’ve ever been to a bed store or searched online for a new bed before, you’ll know that there are hundreds of different options. While it can be blissful to take a tour, and try out products for size, the sheer number of mattresses on offer can make the process of choosing just one very difficult. If you’re struggling, set aside some time to go shopping and try out different brands and types of mattress. Look for options that suit your needs and preferences. Do you have allergies? Do you struggle with back pain? It’s useful to check out articles like a Lull mattress review online, but bear in mind that everyone is different. Reading reviews can help you get an idea of the kinds of products you may wish to explore in further detail, but make sure you try some too. You need to make sure that you’re comfortable and that the mattress provides you with the support you need. It’s often worth paying a little more for a recognized brand. In some cases, manufacturers offer you the chance to try a mattress at home for a period of time and return it if you’re not satisfied. It’s worth doing this to make sure that you buy the right product.

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Are sleepless nights a regular feature in your household? Do you find it hard to get to sleep or do you struggle with aches and pains? If you haven’t replaced your mattress for a long time or you never feel completely comfortable, your bed may be the reason you find it impossible to sleep at night. Try out some different mattresses, research brands and materials and hopefully, you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time.


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