How to Become a Plumber: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Anyone can become a plumber. It is only important to know how to do this and strive to achieve your goal. Today you will be able to learn how to start your journey in order to become a successful and sought-after plumber in the future and find a job that will bring pleasure.

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However, before start looking for a job, let’s find out how to become a real specialist in plumbing.

Demand in The Profession

A plumber is a profession that will always need specialists. Today, finding a good plumber is not an easy task, which greatly increases your chances of success in this profession. Why is it so in demand? Because we live in a world where engineering communications is an obligatory part of our life. Everyone has their own toilet, bathroom, which are connected to the urban water supply and sanitation system. Each city is equipped with engineering communications. And as you know, there are no eternal things, all of it will be breaking down sooner or later. Therefore, we need people who can cope with various problems that may arise in this area.

The Way of Novice Plumber

The First Step

Now, you need to understand what a plumber job is. What are the possibilities and responsibilities of the plumber? Plumbing duties are very diverse. They include such points, as:

  • Maintenance of heating, sewage, water supply;
  • Planning pipe laying in bathrooms;
  • Installation of sanitary ware (toilets, shower cabins, sinks, etc.);
  • Pool Connection Systems, Jacuzzi.

This is only the main part of the plumbing duties. And in order for a person to cope with such situations, in addition to his repair skills, he must also have certain personal skills.

A good plumber is a person who has the skill to make decisions quickly in emergency situations. He must be decisive and always understand and take into account the possible consequences of his actions. A plumber should be able to read technical plans. Also, importantly, the plumber should be able to communicate with customers since this work involves close contact with people.

The Second Step

The training in special institutions is the next way to the development of the plumbing profession. In order to enroll in such an institution, you must have good GCSE scores or its equivalent in mathematics, English and natural science. After this, you should get the basic NVQ certificate in the sanitary specialty. Finishing the second level, you receive a certificate and will be able to solve most of the problems associated with plumbing work. The certificate NVQ gives the right to start a working career and find a well-paid official job.

The Third Step

This is a step of searching for the job of your dreams. It may sound quite banal, but be sure that such work really exists! You have to be ready for the difficulties that faced every novice. During finding a first job in the plumbing industry, every person faces with such difficulties as customers’ mistrust. However, do not to give up, because the more your experience is, the easier it will be in the future. Grab any job to gain the necessary experience in practice. This may not always be a big project. It is important that you can show your knowledge in action, and then the clients themselves will come to you like to the best specialist!

The Fourth Step

It is a time of the development of your skills and abilities. With practice, you can become a qualified master with a great experience. Such abilities provide opportunities to work on large and interesting projects, which will directly affect the level of your remuneration. Professionals can open their own business, where hard physical labor will be replaced by mental. Here you can become a mentor for other people starting their plumbing careers.

Remember that there is no limit to self-development. All boundaries are set only in our head. Therefore, do not let them stop you. Break them and move on to your goal!



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