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Be Beautiful But Not At The Risk Of Health

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Beauty is something that we as humans have been coded to be attracted to. The concept of beauty has defined us as a specie and as a major characteristic of human race. We have fought for it, coveted it and even waged wars and died for it.


The legendary beauty of Cleopatra of Egypt, Nefertiti of Egypt, Helen of Troy and many more have captivated the minds of humans till modern times. Though we all want it, it is far from the grasp of all of us. Beauty has been a rare commodity, a rare thing with a few blessed by it. Beauty is not only the obsession of people who didn’t have it but it is also the obsession of God gifted beautiful people. They also want to make their beauty permanent. Because physical beauty has a drop down which is called aging. The charm of beauty leads us a specie to develop and look for way to enhance it, maximize it and if possible, make it permanent.


From days of the ancient past till now humans have tried to enhance it by using mercury, lead and even leeches to their skin, to using dyes to make their hair of a more attractable color. Thus, were born the first cosmetics to make one person more attractive to the opposite gender and the society as a whole.

In ancient Rome and Egyptians, women invented makeup including lead-based formulas to whiten the skin and Kohl was used as eyeliner for enhancing the beauty. Thus, as we progressed the ways to improve and enhance our beauty developed along. Still we had to use dyes mixed with animal fat to apply to our faces and bodies. These were dangerous to the skin and caused chemical burns and various skin diseases.

The industrial revolution and development in sciences brought a lot of innovation in terms of beauty enhancement with newer synthetic chemicals and creams and lotions that would make us look beautiful for a longer time. These also had their side effect with prolonged use destroying our skin and make once a beautiful face scarred and ugly.

This did not deter the human mind which continuously worked to enhance and invent things that would make it safer for us to use the products. Despite all the side effect and demand these things were expensive and out of reach for majority of people. Thus, came the famous ingenuity of the human kind and they managed to develop cost effective methods for beauty enhancement.


This led to specialists who would be able to alter the looks of a person to look more attractive and delay the unstoppable crawl of aging. These were expensive but the human ingenuity overcame and specialist doctors and practitioners came forward who would provide customized and budgeted options for those who would want to enhance their outlook.

To help and improve the outlook there are various specialist operations like DERMETICS which offer a wide range of services with an artistic touch to improve not only your outlook and visibility but do it in a safer way and make it a long term effect. Offering a broad array of services from curing and eradicating skin conditions that cause a decline in attractiveness to offer skin condition solutions to improve the beauty. If a simple skin condition solution does not work then there are procedure’s, surgical and others to improve the body features and make you more attractive along with providing skin care that would help by providing medical guaranteed solutions to slowing the aging process and keep the skin flawless and glowing.



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