Backyard Ocean, pools to keep you cool this summer!

I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample from Backyard Ocean to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

BackYardOcean  have pools for every yard this summer. It has been extremely hot already this summer, so hot that there’s nothing much to do but play in water to help keep the kids cool.

Many children don’t have access to community poolc so why not invest in a Backyard Ocean pool, it will be the best investment for the kids and for you. They have pools of all sizes, from small pools to large pools along with great pool accessories for the whole family. Ladders, Toys, Pool Nets, Pool Fence and much more.

We were sent the Ocean Blue Rectangle pool/ air pump and a beach ball for review.’

jalenjordan backayard ppol

It took us sometime to inflate the Backyard Ocean Blue Rectangle pool while we were working on the pool the kids were blowing up the beach ball. As you can see listed below it is a nice size pool for the kids, it is10′ X 6′ (22′ in height). Holds up to 247  water gallon capacity and is made of 12-12.8 gauge vinyl and has 3 air chambers. It is guaranteed to give your kids plenty of summer fun without the worries of attending a beach. Its summer fun all in the convenience of your own back yard. jalenjordan backayard ppol

Before it was even all the way blown up and filled with water the boys tossed in their action figures. Jordan was so excited he grabbed the water hose himself and started to fill the pool.

jordanbackyard pool

The kids had a good time playing in the pool but it was cut short because of a storm so we can wait to inflate it again sometime this week.

Its the perfect pool to share with the kids, their friends and with family. It holds the air very well with the weight of water and the kids. The height is just right  for the boys. The most important thing I would say is I feel it is a safe pool, reliable for the price and easy to have ready for any backyard event. You can deflate this pool and store away easily until the next use.

Jordan will be turning 4 this year and I think we are going to have a Backyard Ocean Luau….we are going to decorate the yard and showcase our Ocean Blue Rectangle Inflatable pool. I am sure all the kids will have a water blast..

Backyard Ocean have so many cool pools. I think this is so cute for the smaller kids. Its the Slide & Splash Inflatable Dolphin Play Pool. Keeping your little one cool and safe.

No matter what your choice may be for a Backyard Ocean Pool, you are sure to have a waterblast, cool time!


As with all things with water, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE KIDS UNATTENDED!


I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a sample from Backyard Ocean to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.


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11 thoughts on “Backyard Ocean, pools to keep you cool this summer!

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  • I like the size of these. We have just a little baby pool in the backyard for now.

  • That big one is massive! We don’t have a backyard, but if we did, we’d totally buy this pool for the kids. Thanks for the review!

  • To have a pool in our town you have to have a fenced in yard. So we can’t have one, but if I could I would totally get one like that!!

  • The liner on my pool was destroyed over the winter (it was a long time coming) so I need to have it replaced but I may not be able to this year :-(. This post makes me want to jump in a pool!

  • That is one awesome pool! I absolutely love it!

  • Oh my goodness! I want one of those pools so badly! Our old pool ripped last year and I want a new one! It gets so hot here and we don’t have Air conditioning! This would be awesome for us!


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