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Having to plan for a baby shower can be quite a task. Everything happens so fast and before you know it, you realize that there are only a few weeks left to get everything started for the day. As a result, you may end up running out of ideas for a day that needs to be perfect. However, you can rely on personal organization and close friends to assist you. Whether you are planning for a family member or a friend, an event to do list will help you with your planning at different stages from who to host, invitations, theme, budget, and where you would have the party.

Picking a theme is a good start.  By deciding on one, you will get to quickly and easily decide on how you can tick off the other important details on your to-do list! Let’s say you want to focus on an animal theme for a baby girl reveal. From that simple idea (i.e., animal theme for baby girl), you can now list down several options for the actual baby shower. Continuing with that idea, you can get hand-designed elephant invitations, party supplies, and favors. Essentially, the theme will be the foundation for the baby shower.

  1. Decide on who to be the host

If you can manage to do all the tasks by yourself on the day or choose to share the duties with a co-host, make the appropriate choice for yourself. Plan the budget as this will help you to decide on how the money will work for you in advance and decide whether you will have contributions or pay for it. From here, you can purchase the decorations of your choice

  1. Where to conduct the party

Would you like your home to be the venue? A friend’s place probably? Many alternatives are available because you can as well choose an outside venue, catering hall and book it prior. This will also help you to pick the theme if you would prefer it. It can be a garden theme or traditional one as long as it is baby-related.

  1.  Choose a date.

Make consultation with sisters, best friends and try to favor those who will travel long distances to help create time so that all can be present. Let them know a month or two prior to the due date or even a month after the baby’s arrival. After that, send invitations and provide a map to your current location or give directions. At least provide a response card deadline of no later than maybe two weeks before that date.

  1.  Create a guest list.

Choose whether you would like only women or couples, thereafter communicate with the honoree’s family members and close friends for the list of people they would prefer to be invited, providing their contacts, email addresses in a guest list template. If the baby shower is not a surprise, preferably consult with the guest of honor.

  1. Plan the menu

Light dinner goes well with evening showers something, which is a traditional. Also, put into consideration a dessert party or finger foods. The foods should accompany the theme if you have one. Always pick dishes that can be made a week ahead and be frozen if you are the one doing the cooking or even a day before.


Following the to-do list above will see to it that you have a perfect event. Remember, everybody’s needs are different so feel free to adjust some things in the list.


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