We live in a modern world. It is the world of new technologies. In fact, these technologies can make our life easier and better. If you are thinking about home automation projects, you may have heard about linear actuators. In a case, if you decided to use these actuators, this article is right for you. In collaboration with experts from, we are going to look through the main advantages of using linear actuators for home automation projects.


Benefits of Electric Linear Actuators


1) Exactness.


Actually, electric linear actuators guarantee the best precision control positioning. They are noiseless, repeatable, and smoothly.


2) Eco-friendly.


In fact, these systems are considered to be the green technology. They are more energy efficient and operate without damaging our environment.


3) Soundless.


Electric linear actuators are the most soundless among other types of actuators. It is one of the main benefits.


4) Feedback.


Electric linear actuators can be reprogrammed and networked as fast as possible. You can get an instant feedback for support and diagnostics.


5) Control.


The electric linear actuator can give the total control of motion profiles. Also, it can involve encoders to monitor the location, speed, applied torque and power.


Kinds of Home Automation Projects


Nowadays, almost everything in our life can be automated. Long ago our life was really hard, as we did not know about various modern technologies and devices. But now we can make our life easier. So, we can automatize our home with the help of linear actuators. They are easy to install and are not very expensive.


  1. Solar Panel.


Actually, there are motion controlled solar panels that can help you save on energy consumption. The principle of these automated solar panels is very simple. They follow the sun during the day and reset themselves to capture the morning light. They work with the help of 12v actuators. While using these panels you can save your money and they are not harmful to the environment.


  1. Kitchen Automation.


Speaking about the kitchen, it is very important to have enough space for the cooking process. It is very convenient to have all the tools and devices for the preparation of various foods. That is why you should think about the kitchen automation. In fact, it can save space at home. For example, you can install an automated spice rack. Also, you can hide bigger things like a microwave, installing it underneath counters or in a cabinet. You can push the button and it will appear when you need to use it. As a result, you will have enough space to prepare foods in comfortable conditions.


  1. Living Room Automation.


Almost all people throughout the world have a TV at home. Some people even have several TVs (in all rooms). But still, you do not watch it all the time. That is why you can save space at home by hiding your plasma TV inside the cabinet or behind the wall. It is possible to do with the help of electric linear actuators. There are many various TV lifts for all sized TVs. Also, there are different movable lift panels. Actually, the variant to hide your TV can suit to all your rooms.


  1. Garage Automation.

The garage can become the place for a time spending. You can break the stereotypes about the garage with the help of linear actuators. Some people use their garage just to hold there their cars, bikes, etc. But other people do not have a special place for their hobby. That is why they use their garage as the place for a time spending. With the help of various electric linear actuators, you can create a perfect room. You can use various movable lift panels, automated racks, movable cabinets, etc. In general, you can maximize your space there. And if you have the table, you can retract it into the wall.

As for the vehicle, there are various lifting systems. They can save your space a lot.

Well, now you know the main advantages of electric linear actuators and why they are better among others. Sometimes we do not have enough money to purchase a big house or a large flat. But still, we have a great opportunity to save space at home with the help of various automation projects. Nowadays, we can automate almost everything. That is why just look around and see what you can hide with the help of electric linear actuators.



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