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We all want healthy-looking skin. It takes attention, a little prevention, and more than skin-deep care to achieve it. But the good news is, it’s not all that complicated to achieve. Read on to see both the importance of skincare and the simplicity of implementing just the right balance.

Why is Skincare Important?

Looking after your skin can improve its appearance and minimize the signs of aging. According to skin experts, healthy lifestyle choices and proper skin care will help slow down natural aging and also prevent a range of skin issues.

When you’re a baby, your skin is smooth, soft and wrinkle-free. However, this gradually changes as you grow older and undergo a series of hormonal changes. Other aspects like poor diet and exposure to different environmental elements also contribute to skin issues. Unfortunately, all these can leave you dealing with problems like flakiness, oiliness, acne, and aging. While signs of aging are inevitable, a proper skincare routine can do wonders to slow the process. By tapping into the needs of your skin, it is possible to achieve a beautiful skin similar to that of a baby you once were.

Taking Preventive Measures

Though powerful skincare routines can reverse signs of aging, prevention is a much easier route to take when caring for your skin. The right routine will keep problems from happening altogether, so you can save money on trips to the dermatologist and costly procedures to eliminate your skin woes.

One great way to prevent skin issues is by integrating proper diet. Remember, an unhealthy diet will not only damage your metabolism but will also cause weight gain and even hurt organs like the liver, skin, and heart. Examples of excellent foods for healthy skin include fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and tomatoes.

Choosing the right kinds of cleansers and beauty products is also a great way to ensure you don’t get any reactions and keep skin woes at bay.

More than Skin Deep

A proper skincare routine can translate into other healthy habits. As you learn to care for your skin, you’ll be more likely to stick to good habits with your oral health, physical health, and diet.

Start Early

We already mentioned that prevention is better than trying to reverse the signs of aging. This means great skincare is best started at an early age, long before any signs of wrinkles show up. So even when you’re feeling good about the skin you’re in, it’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. The habits you start today will affect how your skin looks decades from now.

How Does Skin Function?

With all this talk about skincare, it’s important to understand how our skin functions. We’ll give you a basic run-down so you can better comprehend how to best care for your skin and find the right routine.

Our Skin’s Layers

Our skin is made up of three layers. Starting with the innermost layer, they are the subcutaneous tissue, the dermis, and the epidermis. There are body-warming fat cells inside the subcutaneous tissue, while the dermis contains connective tissues. The epidermis’ role is to protect the inner skin from harmful contaminants.

The epidermis becomes thinner, dryer, and less elastic over time. This is what causes wrinkling and sagging of skin. The cells in the subcutaneous layer become smaller over time, which also contributes to wrinkling of the skin. UVA and UVB radiation from the sun further break down the epidermis and cause it to thin faster over time.

Oil Production

Our skin contains oil to help retain moisture and keep it from becoming dry and flaky. This oil is especially essential on our face to keep the skin hydrated and radiant. Hydrating cleansers are an important part of preventing acne and keeping the pores free of dirt and dead skin. Drying cleansers will strip the skin of its natural oil and cause it to over-produce oil in response.

How Can ASEA RENU 28 Help?

Understanding skin and skincare is important to maintaining healthy skin, but you could still easily spend hours researching the right products to add to your daily routine. With aisles and aisles of skincare products available in stores and even more options online, where do you begin?

ASEA created ASEA RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel as a whole-body skin therapy to simplify your skincare routine. Rather than being a product you can only use on your face, ASEA RENU 28 can be used all over your body to improve smoothness, texture, and moisture. This clinically tested gel improves your skin health at the cellular level. This means your skin not only has a healthier appearance but is truly healthier, even below the surface.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Exposure to sunlight and pollution, normal aging, loss of subcutaneous support, poor diet, gravity, stress, obesity, daily facial movement and even sleep position are the key culprits to wrinkled, spotted, old-looking skin. Luckily enough, there is ASEA RENU 28. The product is designed to support the natural processes of your cells, so your skin starts a healthier cycle at the innermost level. Studies have shown RENU 28 can reduce eye wrinkles, improve facial skin texture, increase elasticity, and so much more.



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