7 Top Tips for a Positive Experience with Cannabis Oil

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 Cannabis oil is an oil that contains cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, that are compounds extracted from the marijuana plant. As you begin to use cannabis oil, the following tips can help you achieve a great experience and if you are looking to pick up some for yourself be sure to check out all the reviews at CBD Oil Explorer.

Start Slow and Small

If you have never used cannabis oil, you should begin with a small dose. Everyone will experience the effects of the oil differently, so you should see how you react before you take more. Different strains of cannabis and the cannabinoid ratios will also elicit different effects; overall, it’s best if you first learn how your body responds, then consume accordingly.

Take the Oil with Food in Your Stomach

Very few things are accomplished well on an empty stomach and taking cannabis oil is no exception. Just as you wouldn’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach, you shouldn’t take cannabis oil if you haven’t had anything to eat. This will also provide an added benefit, as it’ll help you avoid any potential nausea that may result from your use.

Don’t Take Cannabis Oil with Other Intoxicating Substances

As a general rule of thumb, cannabis and other substances don’t mix well. Alcohol especially can intensify or otherwise impact marijuana’s effects, so if you’re a beginner and are unsure how your body will respond, stick to the oil only.

Select Your Environment Carefully

You should take cannabis oil in a comfortable, familiar environment around people you know and trust. This is especially important for people who are trying it for the first time. It’s just as much for safety as it is to put you at ease as you take the oil; friends can help you feel less anxious and to help you achieve a better experience.

Drink Ginger Tea if You Feel Unsettled

If you experience any nausea from consuming cannabis oil, a great way to remedy it is to try drinking some ginger tea. Ginger is a natural nausea suppressor, and it can work wonders when it comes to settling your stomach. The experience of making and drinking tea can also help if you experience any anxiety as you take cannabis oil.

Remain Calm if You’ve Had Too Much Oil

If you feel as though you’ve taken too much, remain calm. Understand that there are no lethal dosages when it comes to either THC or CBD and you won’t overdose. You may feel nauseous or unsettled. Lie down in a comfortable area and know that the feeling will eventually subside.

Remember Your Goal

As you take cannabis oil, it’s important to keep the goal of your treatment in mind; if you’re taking medical cannabis oil and find that you’re having a hard time adjusting, know that your body and reactions will settle over time, and that as time goes on, you’ll experience all the potential benefits that cannabis oil has to offer. Reminding yourself of potential positives can help you stay focused, and remember that CBD and THC can make positive contributions to your overall health.




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