7 Benefits of EHR Interoperability

Every patient hopes to receive the best care possible when they visit a healthcare facility. This is what EHR systems aim to achieve.

EHR is the acronym used for electronic health records. It refers to the system of storing a patient’s full health record electronically, safely, and conveniently. The information in an EHR platform should be easy to share between systems or providers, meaning it should have seamless interoperability.

Here are 7 benefits of EHR interoperability.


1. Reduced Errors

In the past, medical practitioners have had to deal with delays in getting the results and paper records of a patient. This made it difficult for them to analyze the patient’s health status and make an accurate diagnosis to initiate a treatment plan.

Healthcare providers can access comprehensive and understandable health records instantly and treat patients without making numerous mistakes when there is EHR interoperability. This also helps them avoid getting sued for malpractice issues.

2. Patient Information is Safer

Whenever vital or sensitive information is breached, it causes a lot of devastation for the victim. The victim can either be an individual or an institution.

Almost every industry in the world has experienced this legal problem, and hospitals are no exception. These institutions need to know where their patients’ information is stored at all times. This is where an interoperable network comes in handy.

Storing crucial data through this method is wise because the information will always be safe.

3. More Efficient Healthcare Services

With this method in place, patients are assured that their healthcare records are up-to-date and comprehensive. The records are also accessible by any health provider the patient interacts with in a different facility or location.

If data is transmitted fast, the person’s health will be positively affected because there will be fewer tests and quicker treatments. The EHR system stores the previous medical history of a person and test results. It’s more detailed than an electronic medical record that only concentrates on a patient’s treatment and medical history.

4. Worthwhile Investment

A facility that adopts this system can save considerable amounts of money for various reasons.

For one, it will avoid doing unnecessary processes and tests because clinicians will be able to offer more precise care after reading the results of previous tests. The facility will also generate more revenue since clinicians can treat more patients in a shorter amount of time.

Lastly, the hospital won’t be required to spend a lot of money due to lawsuits because practitioners will be able to treat patients efficiently.

5. Allows Researchers to Conduct Research

Using EHR can help you accumulate vast data when examining and treating people. An interoperable EHR can be helpful because it enables the internal computer platform to access other computers in networks. 

Scientists depend on these computers to carry out various tasks, such as evaluating whether a specific treatment method is effective.

6. Enhances Communication

EHR interoperability helps organizations enhance communication with other institutions. Additionally, healthcare providers can access patients’ health records without sending or receiving faxes, emails, and calls, which can be time-consuming.

7. Redundant Tasks Can Be Automated

An interoperable EHR can help you eliminate redundant activities since the EHR will work together with analytics software to gather and process data from other EHRs instantly. Organizations can add medical billing software and appointment scheduling to the EHR systems.

Final Thoughts

EHR interoperability is important for any organization that wants to succeed and improve its healthcare services in this modern world. Having access to a full patient’s medical history will make the provider’s work easier and enable patients to get the best care possible.


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