6 Guidelines for Professional WiFi Instillations for London Hotels

Tourists value comfort over most things, especially when it comes to extended stays. As your hotel business grows, maintaining the most efficient wireless connections possible can be the difference between growth and failure. After all, every guest you accommodate will expect WiFi as good as what they’re used to at home — if not better — whether it’s to use a streaming service or contact business partners.

Fortunately, many businesses can rely on one of the many hotel guest WiFi providers to bolster their capabilities and ensure guests have a reason to share their wonderful experience at your hotel. Whether you have yet to install guest WiFi or need to upgrade your current services, these are the six best practices to follow.

1. Satisfy Guest Expectations

While it’s impossible to satisfy the wishes of every individual guest without stretching your resources thin, there are a few givens every guest will ask of your hotel: cleanliness, friendliness, comfort and reliable WiFi. By now, most guest WiFi in London Hotels is designed and expected to be fast, free and easy — your hotel should be no different. Whether guests utilize it to keep in touch with family members while traveling abroad or to carry out business work, your WiFi must be capable of satisfying a variety of critical wireless needs.

2. Don’t Cheap Out

Despite the abundance of products available, your business must choose carefully when it comes to its implementing their guest WiFi solution for the Hotel. As tempting as it may be to choose a cheap option, these lower grade wireless access points can prove to be unreliable and cause your guests to be displeased with their stay. As such, it is essential to choose and enterprise solutions such as Meraki or Ubiquiti from the get-go, and ensure you have scope to apply any necessary upgrades so to future proof your investment.

3. Understand Your Site

One of the most critical parts with planning guest WiFi solutions for London Hotels is where your wireless access points will be placed on-site. Conducting a WiFi site survey will reveal which areas are best suited for placing wireless access points, coverage, capacity and channel configurations. Not only will this reduce costs in the long run, but also ensure your guests don’t suffer from a poor WiFi connection and in return cause your hotel to receive a bad reputation with reviews on Google, Trip advisor and other such websites.

4. Choose the Right Channel Plan

Your WiFi’s coverage and performance primarily rely on how the signal from its access points will overlap with each other within your site. A 2.4Ghz channel may prove challenging, as it only offers three crowded channels: 1, 6 and 11. In comparison, a 5Ghz band has a wide range of channels for you to choose from during your hotel’s WiFi installation. Keep in mind that these access points still require proper placements to ensure walls or other structures don’t obstruct the wireless connection.

5.  Keep Guest WiFi Hassle-Free and Secure

Ease of access is the name of the game when it comes to guest satisfaction. Despite what you might’ve seen in other hotels, things like captive portal splash pages or network timeout policies can prove to be more annoying for guests than they are useful for your business on a reputation standpoint. Additionally, your WiFi infrastructure should be equipped with state-of-the-art security appliances and protection to keep cybercriminals from capturing guest information — and of course, your own.

6.  Complete Installations Away from Guests

Whether you close off parts of your hotel during installation or simply perform them during the offseason, the process of installing your guest WiFi solution in your London Hotel can be loud and disruptive. Much like any other addition to your hotel, it’s essential to keep your guests as far away as possible from such a considerable disruption. In addition to this, if you are rolling out a new guest wireless solution to replace an existing one – the company who is carrying out the work should ensure a smooth transition over to the new service while keeping the old one live and online until it has been provisioned, tested and is ready to switch over.



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