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5 Ways to Make Your Work Attire More Comfortable

Unless you work in a super casual office, work attire can be so uncomfortable by midday. Between blazers, the dress shoes, the ties, the button-up shirts, and the dress pants, it’s no wonder that the majority of us change clothes the second we get home from work. While every day can’t be casual Friday, there are some ways to help you be more comfortable at work while still being stylish. If you’re looking for ways to make your clothes more relaxed, here are a few ideas you can put to use.


Get rid of constraints

Anything with buttons or a hook is keeping you from being able to move and stretch. Not to mention that a buckle on a belt can not only restrain you, but it can also have some uncomfortable jamming. This cool rope belt was made to get rid of unwanted digging, especially while sitting at your desk. It’s thin enough so you can blend it with the right color to match your pants and was designed to be fastened by a knotless buckle instead of a metal buckle. The material is soft and not at all stiff like that of a leather belt so it can be fitted to your exact fit. If you’re looking for soft and comfortable clothing, look into buying from a linen clothing brand as linen is extremely light and comfy.

Wear shoe insoles

Some dress shoes can become unbearable depending on how much walking you do, while others may pinch your feet or feel extra hard on your heel. A great pair of insoles can cushion your feet a lot better while providing food arch support. Adding an aftermarket orthotic insole for flat feet will support and cushion your feet making them more comfortable. You can also make your shoes feel a lot better on your feet by wearing the perfect pair of socks. Thin socks will have you feeling everything from the stiff tongue on the shoe to the heel hitting the ground with each step. Try a more cushioned pair of socks but not so thick that it makes your toes pinch at the tip of your shoe.

Go a size up

Form-fitting clothes are fun to wear for a few hours but having to wear them the whole day can start to get annoying by the time lunch is over (especially if you had a big lunch). By going a size up, the clothes can feel more relaxed. Of course, you don’t want to look as if you’re drowning it so be sure that when you try it on that it’s not baggy. And if for some reason your pants are a bit too big, you can always use your rope belt to keep it up or tuck your shirt in if your shirt seems to be a little bigger.

Choose a different fabric

Some fabrics are stiff and won’t give even a quarter of an inch. When shopping, try to go for the material that has a little stretch to it so that you don’t feel like you’re suffocating. Stretchy fabric such as knits allows you to stretch and move around without feeling like you’re going to rip something. Whether it be a button-up shirt or a pair of trousers, some fabrics will give you more stretch where you need them. 

Go for a test run

When you’re getting ready for work, you may not realize how uncomfortable something you’re wearing may be since you are in a hurry to get out of the door or you’re preoccupied with the morning routine and won’t notice until you get to the office. If you have a brand new pair of shoes, be sure to break them in at least the night before. If you’ve got a shirt or pants that have just been picked up from the cleaners or are a new pair of pants, be sure to wear them around the house the evening before to stretch them out a little. 


By implementing at least one of these tips you’ll be able to feel a world of difference. Be sure to try different ones to find what works best for you.  



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