5 Ways to Be More Active as a Senior

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As we get older, it is normal to slow down and become less physically active. However, it is important that people of all ages try to maintain an active physical lifestyle, not only for their physical health and wellbeing, but also for their mental health. Being physically active can help you to improve your balance and strength and can even enhance your mood.

Therefore, while it is tempting to slow down as you get older, you should continue to be active where possible to lower your risk of strokes and heart disease, while also enhancing your ability to think and learn. So, here are five ways that you can be more active while enjoying the golden years of your life.

Get a Dog 

One of the easiest and most effective ways of staying active when you are a senior is by going for regular walks. Therefore, by owning a pet that requires regular exercise, you can enjoy a stroll around your local area with your canine companion. Many seniors also feel lonely and isolated at times so not only will a dog give you the perfect excuse to stay active every day, but it will also provide you with a friend to spend time with.

Use Mobility Aids and Equipment  

If you struggle to maintain a physical lifestyle because of any health or mobility issues that you suffer from, then you should be sure to invest in the range of mobility aids and equipment that is currently on the market. Just because you are not as mobile and active as you were in your younger days, it does not mean that you still cannot enjoy an active lifestyle.

For example, by using an electric mobility scooter you can enjoy engaging in physical activity while being assured that your scooter is there if you need it. Mobility sites such as these offer free shipping on EWheels scooters.

Go for a Swim 

Many older people find that going swimming a few times a week is a great way to incorporate physical activity into their everyday life without putting additional pressure on their bones and joints. Taking part in swimming and water aerobics classes are greatly beneficial as they give you the opportunity to use all the large muscle groups in your body. If you struggle with your balance, then you can do balance improvement exercises without worrying about falling over and hurting yourself.


Being active is usually a lot more fun and enjoyable if you can get out of the house and do it in the outdoors. Therefore, we recommend that you combine exercise with a hobby such as gardening. This can be particularly enjoyable during the summer.

Being independent in your garden not only has health benefits, but it is also a great way to make the most of the sunny weather and provide you with a sense of achievement when you plant some lovely annuals or perennials. If you do not have your own garden, then ask around in your local area for any community garden initiatives that take place.

Just Do What You Can

Everyone is different, so the amount of physical activity you can engage in will be different from your friends. It is important to remember this and not be tempted to force yourself into being active and risk damaging your joints and muscles. Just do what you can, and make sure that you are enjoying it!

Be sure not to give up on being active and independent as you get older, and instead incorporate fun and enjoyable activities into your weekly schedule that involve you getting out of the house and moving about.






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