5 Tricks for Students to Decorate Dorm Room

There’s no doubt about it; dorm rooms are the smallest, most confined spaces you will ever have the pleasure of owning. But with an open mind, you can decorate your student’s dorm room to be comfortable and stylish! And let’s face it, this is all you have for the next couple of years, so you might as well make it a home that is yours yet comfortable for all student tenants.

These five tricks will transform your dorm room into a comfortable and inexpensive living space.

  1. Use the Bed as Much More and Make It a Focal Point

The bed is usually the most significant piece of furniture in your room. As such, it’s the most important focal point. Therefore, the bed is where you add the most color, pattern, and texture!

It’s also an opportunity to bring some personality into the space. White linens are a lovely backdrop but adding a pattern or a pop of color will make it feel more like your own.

Think of your bed as much more than a bed. It can also function as a sitting area, an eating area, and even an office if you are smart about how you lay it out. Use this area to do study and do your assignments. And if you need help with your essays, get professional writers from Peachy Essay; no task is challenging for them.

Think about ways you can use your bed as an eating area. Place lightweight tables that can fold up on either side of the bed so that when you want to eat, all you need to do is pull them out and enjoy your meal in comfort.

  1. Use Lighting 

College dorm rooms are cramped and not particularly attractive. Still, there’s a lot you can do to make your space feel like home.

Because dorm rooms often have very little natural light, it is crucial to add light wherever you can. Add a small lamp on the corner of your desk or dresser. Try string lights instead of a lamp if you want to get more creative and save money.

String lights are cheap and add a fun touch to any room. You can light up your space with scented candles or mood lamps, but string lights are both affordable and efficient. You can use them to create an interesting pattern on the wall or ceiling and add color to your room. These tiny lights make the whole room glow, creating a warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

You can go further and use some fairy lights for your bed frame or around the desk. They’re inexpensive, practical, and easy to install, so you should get some for yourself!

If your dorm room has windows, take advantage of natural light by keeping them uncovered (or choose lightweight curtains that let lots of light through).

Avoid overhead lighting altogether if possible — lamps provide dimmer light that won’t strain your eyes as much when you’re studying or reading late at night.

  1. Colors Are Your Best Friend

You can use color to enhance the mood in your room. By using colors that you love and make you feel happy, you will feel good in your dorm room. If you are not afraid of colors, play around with them and pair different ones together.

If you want to use the same color for a couple of different things, but you don’t want them to look too similar, choose two different shades of the same color. For instance, if you’re going to use blue as your primary color, pick a darker shade for the bedding and curtains or blinds, and then a lighter shade for the walls or chair covers.

However, if you’re not into bright colors, neutral tones will always look great if combined with exciting patterns and textures.

Finally, choose some accent pieces that match or compliment your basics. These could be pillows, tapestries, or wall art. This is where you can show off your personality and style through color!

  1. Make Use of Your Vertical Space

Dorms are notoriously tiny, so every bit of space counts. Think vertically with your decor to maximize square footage and create a sense of height in the room. A tall bookcase, shelving unit, or floor-to-ceiling window treatments will draw the eye up and make the room feel more spacious.

Colorful posters can add life to any bare wall in your dorm room, and they’re also a great way to express yourself. Pick up a couple from your favorite bands or movies or use them as a way to show off your school pride. They’re also great conversation starters for other students who have similar interests!

Add a pop of color with an accent wall. Try using adhesive paper in bold colors and patterns behind your bed, desk, or bookshelf. Use painter’s tape to create stripes in bright colors across an entire wall or use patterned contact paper on just one wall as an accent.

  1. Use Plants

One surefire way to revitalize your dorm is to fill it with plants. Not only do they make everything brighter, but they also improve the air quality in your room. Place ivy in a vase by the sink or on the windowsill and add a little color to the corner.

If you’re looking for something low-maintenance, consider investing in a succulent or air plant. Desk plants are an easy way to make your space feel less cluttered, especially if you have lots of books or papers on it. You can use small pots with succulents or herbs for extra style points!

Use hanging planters for privacy. If you don’t want people looking into your room, you can use hanging planters to block out the view and add greenery to your space.

Use old tins or jars as planters. They’re great because they’re usually cheap, easy to find, and can have multiple uses, such as storing pens or pencils on top of your desk!


The goal is to make your dorm room feel as much like home as possible by adding pieces you love and making your own space. Whether it’s a new bedspread, desk lamps, or extra storage containers, making your dorm room feel like home is easy with these basic tricks.







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