5 Trendy Decoration Tips for Your Home TV

The time finally comes when you and your living room are more than happy to put a new addition to the room, a new home TV set. It starts by working on how to make the best from your new set. Most of the time, to add beauty to it, TV owners make use of a TV mirror. It is pretty much like a mirror frame that gets attached to the TV and it will automatically serve as a mirror when the TV is off. And when it is ON, the mirror becomes clear in an instant and the TV’s HD images show clearly.

Installing a TV Mirror can also make you realize that your furniture isn’t facing the right direction or the set is blocking the wall art. Maybe even the armoire you have placed on the TV is too big for it. What do you do in such a case?

Well, because you just bought the biggest TV set your money can buy, you want it to stand out in your home. Not too much, but just enough for you and everyone else to notice it the moment they step into the room. Thus, the elephant in the room. Luckily, many trendy home TV decoration ideas keep cropping up every day. You can use any of them to make your set to bring more impact into your home from how it looks and feels in the room. It is all about addressing your decoration dilemmas and working to make your TV the focal point in the room or make it blend with the room. It is entirely up to you.

Safe to say that sometimes, there is simply no need to put all eyes on the home TV. And doing that is quite simple. You only need to be creative enough to do so. A simple trick like setting a few side chairs that look like they are ignoring the TV can do the trick in the living room. So, yes. You can make that big black box look and feel easier on the eyes in your home. Keep reading and find out how you can do it.

  • Hide it

It is not uncommon to want to try and eliminate a design problem if it seems like the only best solution. And you can do the same with your new TV set and still make the idea look trendy and fashionable. This decorative design works best for the homeowners who cannot stand looking at their TV sets all the time they walk into the room. New creative ideas keep popping up of how you can hide your TV when not using it in your home. Some of the most common ones include attaching it to the inside of your coffee table, hiding it behind a custom-made sliding door, or even hiding it behind the artwork. This idea may, however, not bode or work well for the homeowners with more complex TV viewing needs. But still, you cannot say that the idea of hiding your most prized and expensive asset in your home isn’t intriguing.

  • Use a vintage buffet as your TV stand

A vintage buffet or dresser can work as an excellent TV stand for your television. Plus, these accessories help to create a more intriguing focal point to the room rather than the TV set. For example, you may have bought a new TV set for your bedroom. But you are not looking to make it the TV mirror the focal point of the room. That is where traditional TV stands come to play. And you can find these accessories on Craigslist or at second-hand stores. These pieces of furniture also cost a lot less than the modern TV stands and mount which is also a bonus. The fact that they also help to add more interest to the room should be enough to peak your attention.

  • Plan for space

As mentioned earlier, you want your TV to be the focal point in the room when you are using it. And one of the advantages of having a screen is that the TV mirror gets to be the center of attraction at all times in the room. To make this happen, you need to work a way of making the set viewable from almost all angles of the room. Logically speaking, you cannot have other obstacles obstructing your sight of the TV especially when it is on, and people are watching. And this makes the TVs advantage also be its disadvantage. So, when looking for the best spot for the TV set, you need to take time and work out which furniture in the room is too tall and will likely block you from viewing your TV mirror. If there is, then you can work out how to figure out a way around it. You can also stand behind your TV set and look at your furniture. This is another way of easily identifying which furniture is blocking the view.

  • Hang artwork

You can also choose to do some tricks with artwork on your walls and ceilings around your TV set. A simple abstract artwork with physical content can cause the TV viewers to focus more on the artwork. Small collections of artwork, photographs, and paintings are excellent for longer walls. Then again, whichever design or preference you choose, the artwork will help the TV set compliment space.

The viewing height is also a factor that you need to consider in this case as it also dictates how you will add the artwork or any other items around the TV.

  • Frame it up

Adding a frame to your TV set is easy and affordable. You can also choose to make your own TV frame and have it looking exactly how you want it. Framing your TV is one excellent way of personalizing it. Choosing a frame that also blends with your décor makes the TV set fit right into the room. With the TV frames, you can make them larger than the TV or get the ones that fit for more of a built-in look.

Final thoughts

In as much as a new home TV can be a welcome addition to your home, how you choose to decorate around it matters a great deal. So, before you head out to buy a new home TV set, you may want to consider these trending decoration tips. At the end of the day, what you choose to do with your TV set is up to you. Make your new home TV worth its price.



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