5 Post Baby Gifts For New Mums

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While the celebrities revel in their ‘push presents’ that feature designer handbags and brand-new cars, us down here on Earth are just as appreciative for small gifts that make being a new mum that little bit less of a challenge.

Bringing home your new bundle is overwhelming. There are so many things to think about, and the stress can quickly take over.

But after 9 months of caring about growing your new arrival, and doing everything by the book, it’s time to treat mum to something for her, rather than for the baby.

To help, here are 5 post-baby gifts for new mums to enjoy entirely for themselves.

Their favorite tipple

Anyone that loves a good drink will no doubt have been craving a gin for approximately 9 months. But with alcohol off limits for carrying mothers, that first drink after the new baby arrives will be like no other.

Why not make it special by treating mum to her favorite tipple – and something expensive, rather than just the own-brand version from the supermarket…

However, it is worth mentioning that mothers hoping to breastfeed should still limit their alcohol intake. One or two is plenty, so get pouring and enjoying.

A well-deserved massage

Carrying around all that extra weight for almost a year is tough. And the aches and pains don’t stop once labor is over. A good massage is the perfect beauty treatment for new mums: A few hours out of the house, off duty to really relax and rejuvenate. Whether it’s a beauty salon Oxfordshire way, or an at-home masseuse, there are so many types of massage new mums will thoroughly appreciate.

Delicious ready meals

Not the kinds you find at the local corner shop; real, ready meals with good ingredients and delicious variety. Between feeds, naps and managing the house, new parents have a lot on their minds – and cooking up a nutritious meal is last on the list. Treating new parents to a selection of tasty ready meals that can be quickly cooked up in minutes is the perfect way to give them a convenient – and actually helpful – gift.

A thick hand cream

Over the past year, we’ve all experienced how bad our hands can get with constant sanitizing, and it only gets worse when you have a million nappies to change a day. You’ll be washing your hands more than ever before. Which is why a good, thick hand cream is a great little pick-me-up for new mums (and dads).

An audiobook subscription

Those late-night feeds can be awfully boring if you’ve got to make sure you don’t wake anyone else up. Treating new mums to an audiobook subscription will certainly be useful, as they can listen along while driving, feeding or even relaxing in the bath. They’ll likely be lot of sleepless nights so instead of tossing and turning, an audiobook could help mum get to sleep – even if it’s just for a few minutes!

So, these are just 5 post baby gifts to give to mum. Finding things that are a nice treat, but also helpful is the key.


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