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5 Home Improvement Tools You Should Always Keep at Home

No matter what age, all men have a tool kit they keep in the basement to counter sudden household issues. Some common urgent situations include fixing a leakage in the pipe, cutting wood to make fire in case of an outdoor event and even changing a light bulb. While the issues seem mundane, women are less likely to pick up a hammer and fix the screws themselves. Go and visit this site Hand Tools for Fun.

Every man is known to make his own little workshop where ever there’s room in the house. While some compose it in the basement, others are happy with the space they have in the garage. Here are a few tools you must keep at home:


1. Miter Saw

Cutting wood for entertainment or emergency purposes has to be one of the most common activities for men. Whether they want to carve out something special for their loved ones or simply chop down some extra wood to make fire, they love playing with a miter saw.

The miter saw is the best tool for cutting down wood and chopping it to the size one wants. It is a must-have for any man’s workshop. The miter saw is the perfect tool for home improvement in terms of wood work. Not only will you be able to make new decorative items but also fix whatever is broken and can be carved to correction.

2. Glue Gun

Remember how you broke your wife’s favorite vase and she didn’t talk to you for days? Well guess what, the glue gun is here to rescue. Possibly one of the few tools that are extremely portable, handy and easily usable is a glue gun. It can fix almost everything back to one piece; granted you haven’t completely shattered something.

The glue gun is a must have for every man who loves manual work. From fixing a handle of the vase to sustaining support over the wall hanging, glue guns are some of the strongest adhesives to date. They are able to heat the glue inside and therefore enable fixing and coagulating different materials.

3. Drill Machine

A handy tool that can make you attach one object to another or hang something on a bolted screw is a drill machine. Drill machines come in different sizes and multiple features. They have the capacity to penetrate into some of the strongest surfaces. They can be used to drill holes in the walls for adding hooks, they can be used to pass metal or wooden benches to add bolts between them, among many other things.

Drill machines come with different power capacities to go through metallic or wooden surfaces. Every other man has this urgency one night to get out of bed and make a wooden bench; well here’s just the tool for it!

4. Pliers

As old as they get, their utility is still exceptional. Pliers come in different shapes, sizes and capacities. Pliers are used for gripping objects or merely twisting them at a certain angle. They can be used in plumbing, wiring fixtures, etc.

There are different kinds of pliers such as channel lock, vice grip, needle nose, among others. Each has its own strength and size. The most commonly used one in households for handy objects are channel lock pliers. Twisting a copper wire and gripping a nail is just a tool away!

5. Crescent

More commonly known as a wrench, the crescent is basically an adjustable wrench that can be used for multiple purposes. It is mostly used for tightening or opening a bolt in a surface. The jaw of this wrench is adjustable; which means it can be extended or brought closer to fit required objects.


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