5 Apps to Help Automate Your Business

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Standing out from the crowd is becoming more difficult by the day. For example, in iOS app development, there are over 1,400 apps released per day. Yes, that’s fewer than any other year to date, but it’s still more than the average user will download in a year.

To stand out, you need to automate as many everyday business tasks as possible to do the work that will improve your business and make it a leader in the market you happen to be in. The following five apps can help any business begin to automate those tasks, no matter how small.

Drip – Email Marketing Automation

With personalization becoming a necessity, email marketing is getting increasingly complicated. To combat this, Drip has made creating personalized emails and workflows visual, colorful, and easy to set up and send.

Copper – CRM

Copper, formerly known as ProsperWorks, is a CRM built to integrate with G Suite. If you already use Gmail and other Google services but haven’t upgraded to a CRM, this is the one you may want to start with. It has a similar, intuitive interface. It integrates with all of your current contacts and systems right away, and, above all, it’s affordable and effective.

The average user saves a total of 25 hours of productive time each week by having contact data, and other data entry tasks handled automatically as well as time saved on searching for or adding to contact data. Further, you won’t have to worry about contact duplicates or inaccuracies (like typos during data entry) ever again.

Monday – Task and Team Management

Visual interfaces make it easier for you and your brain to see what’s happening that much faster. Monday capitalizes on this by creating a tool that visually shows you the status of any number of products at a glance- whether you’re looking at a daily view or your calendar for the month.

Buffer – Social Media Management

With Buffer, you can manage all of your social media at once, from one interface. There is no need to log in and log out endlessly, you can schedule posts to be published automatically, and you can even manage multiple brands, voices, and accounts. This can drastically lighten the load of any social media manager or customer service agent that uses social media.

Invoicely – Invoices and Payments

Invoicely allows you to accept online payments from many providers and platforms, it will enable you to track time and expenses, make notes on contracts, and send out invoices. Beyond that, it also helps you automate certain aspects of your day to day bookkeeping and automatically generates a number of dynamic finance reports as needed.

Have multiple businesses or accounts? You can track them all independently and still generate all of the reports you need, or have certain expenses assigned specific rules, etc. This is a tool that can be as simple to use or as intricate as you need it to be.



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