3 Top Tips to Start Feeling Your Best Again in 2021

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With any luck, this year will go a lot better than last. How could it not? For most of us, let’s look on the bright side: This may just be one New Year’s resolution that we can actually keep!

Jokes aside, what kind of goal is that, really? We don’t want to just get by. We want to thrive. So now is the time to start planning out the next few months and charting a viable path to start feeling your best in 2021.

The exact course to get there will be a bit different for different people. We all share some similarities though, and the following represent just a few great tips to ensure you will be all you can be in no time.

1. Keep Up Good Habits

It’s easy to dwell on all the horrible things that life has brought since early 2020. It’s very hard not to, in fact. But there have been positives for many of us, too. We have spent more time being closer to those we love most, for example, and gained a new appreciation for what our loved ones mean in our lives.

We have also rediscovered old hobbies, cooked a lot more, and maybe even started a home workout routine. No matter what things have become new habits for you, try to keep up the best of them. Don’t go back to your old ways and start eating out all the time again or pretending you don’t have time for a quick 20 minutes of exercise. Stick with the things that have been working, and allow them to continue being good influences in your day-to-day life.

2. Focus on Yourself

We’ve all had a lot of time to think about what’s most important in life. And you know what is one thing that’s never included in those deep thoughts? What other people think about you. Start doing things for yourself — not for them. If you want to get in shape, do it so you can feel better, have more energy, and accomplish a physical goal. Don’t do it so that others are impressed by how you look.

The same goes for career and personal goals. Don’t compare yourself to others. Just do the things you want to do — for you. If we’ve learned anything during all these months it’s that only certain things matter. It’s time for the petty stuff and self-doubt to fall by the wayside. Keeping up with the Joneses and focusing on how to make other people like you will never help you get where you want to be.

3. Get Your Mojo Back

Most of us haven’t had a lot of luck in the romance department over the past year. Single folks have had a rough time making new connections. Couples may have enjoyed some stay-at-home nights early on, but it’s hard to keep the spark going when sweatpants become your full-time wardrobe. And kids complicate everything in close quarters with few chances to get away.

Now, it’s time to bring sexy back! One great idea is having some dedicated date nights. Even if you can’t go out, make a special evening once a week with adult clothes and a “No Netflix Policy.” And spice things up. Think sexy lingerie from a store like 3Wishes to feel beautiful, candles to set the mood, and red wine to enjoy things even more. It’s time to reclaim the night and start remembering that the greatest things in life are free.

Feeling Your Best Again in 2021

Times are tough. This doesn’t have to keep you down though. With the right mindset — and the right approaches — you can feel confident about setting and reaching new goals to feel your best in 2021.

Just start with a few simple plans. Make sure to retain the good habits you’ve developed. Stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on your own accomplishments. And then remember to make some time to get your romantic mojo back.

These alone won’t make everything perfect overnight, but they will set the stage for you to establish more goals. Then all you have to do is achieve a few and you’ll be on your way to feeling your best again in 2021.


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