More than $100, But Less Than $1000: Adding Impact to Your Home.

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There are lots of blogs and Pinterest posts about how to add a lot of “wow factor” to your home without spending a lot of money. But what is “a lot of money?” Adding things like throw pillows and new curtains to a space in your home can spruce it up quickly and cost you less than $100. You can also get some “new to you furniture” and an area rug for another room in your house for about the same $100. But what if you are looking to make a little more permanent impact and still don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars? Would you consider shelling out hundreds of dollars? Here are several ideas on how to add big impact to your home by spending a little more than $100, but not more than $1000.

Change a Door in Your Home

If you want to make a real impact on the overall look and feel of the inside of your home without spending a large amount of money, consider changing out a few doors in your home. Internal stable doors make a big impact and fall within our parameters of more than $100 but less than $1000. Plus, they are gorgeous. If you find a good deal on your desired door, purchase two or more.

Buy a Piece of Art

While every department store in America offers canvas-like art and large framed pieces of art, consider investing in an original piece. Not only will you be supporting an artist who will be thrilled to sell you an original work of art, but you’ll get something in your home that no one else has! Many art pieces fall between our range of more than $100 but less than $1000. Consider buying more than one piece if your budget can handle it. There’s nothing as impactful as original works of art hanging in your home.

Change a Window

Windows can run you thousands of dollars, but replacing one or two windows can be done for less than $1000, especially true for smaller windows. A good tip is to consider installing two smaller windows where one larger window would normally go, and you can save a lot of money on the purchase price of those windows. Bringing light into any room is money well spent.

Swap Out Some Flooring

While it can cost your thousands of dollars to replace all of the flooring in your home, it will cost you less than $1000 to replace the flooring in one room. Think about your entryway or bathroom. These floors are easy to replace, and you can usually do it yourself with tile or laminate flooring for less than $1000. Adding tile to your entryway will add a huge impact as people first enter your home.

All of these suggestions are more permanent than changing rugs and window coverings and can add a lot of impact for less than $1000. Consider doing one project at a time and try to do a lot of the work yourself to manage installation costs. It’s not that hard to install a new floor. Happy decorating.



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