10 tips for packing for travel

 Summer is just around the corner, and you are already looking forward to preparing a good trip to get out of the routine and have a great time.

 If you travel you have thousands of doubts about what to take with you or when you arrive at your destination and open your suitcase you discover that you have forgotten the things you needed, this is for you. We will give you a series of tips and recommendations that you can not miss on any trip and will ensure you travel more comfortably and calmly.

 Read on to find out which are the infallible tricks you need to prepare your luggage for this vacation and it based at a lot of expert wowessays that are online and written on the topic of travel.

  1. Make a travel list

 We have heard this point countless times, but even so, the day comes, and we only have a few ideas in our heads, and all the things we have thought we want to take in the suitcase comes the day of preparation, and we have forgotten them.

 Therefore, this is the main point and the one to start with when packing your suitcase, have a list of everything you will need and write down even the most obvious things that later, when the day arrives with nerves, we forget. Are we going to need to keep the contact lenses? We write it down!

 You will see how calm you will be when you have everything written down and know that you are not forgetting anything.

  1. Choose a good suitcase

 Looking for a good suitcase may seem obvious, but it is the main thing for your trip not to become a real disaster. We do not usually give much importance to the type of suitcase until the last moment when we see that we no longer fit broken or too big things.

 A recommendation could be to have two or three suitcases of different sizes to be able to adapt to any type of trip and not have last-minute surprises.

 As for the type of suitcases, which one is best for my trip? The first thing we see is whether it is better to choose a hard or soft suitcase, hard suitcases will protect much of your luggage and are perfect if you carry delicate materials, but you have to know that they weigh much more than the less rigid that is more flexible and can adapt better in tight spaces.

 However, if you plan to make an adventure trip in which you do not stop moving from one place to another, the perfect choice is a good backpack to walk through any complicated place.

  1. Organize your shoes well

 Many times we leave the preparation of the shoes for the last moment, and then we realize that they do not fit or that the ones we wanted to take are too heavy.

 We recommend that you take a bag or cloth that allows you to separate your shoes from the rest of your clothes so that they do not stain and that you save that missing space to put socks or small objects inside them. This will help you to make the most of your suitcase.

 Also, keep in mind to take your shoes less heavy as much as possible, try to always wear comfortable shoes for walking or going through complicated areas, flip flops for the bathroom, pool or be comfortable and more elegant shoes to go out the days you want to be more elegant.

  1. Don’t overdo it with the weight!

 Don’t be overwhelmed by carrying absolutely everything on you. Many times we just need to carry our closet on our backs because of the “What if I need such and such? But don’t worry if you need something you didn’t have with you during the trip! With globalization, there is no place you can go that doesn’t have basic and not-so-basic products.

 Surely at some point, you will be able to go to pharmacies, supermarkets, or stores of all kinds to buy that thing you didn’t know you would need.

  1. Don’t forget to protect your suitcase

 Usually, we make trips, and our suitcase is not in any danger, but there is always a certain degree of concern when leaving the suitcase to get on a plane, enter a hotel, or at any time when you’re going to have fun and do not take it with you.

 To avoid unpleasantness, the best way is that you do not forget to close it well and protect it with a padlock or similar. If the padlock does not come in the suitcase and you have to buy it, it is better to buy a numeric padlock, since besides being safer, you will not have to think about where you left the key or the possibility of losing it.

 When flying by plane, a very good option available at any airport is to ask for your suitcase to be sealed so that your luggage is 100% secure.

  1. Organize your laundry

 Think that during the trip you will make many dirty clothes that take up a lot of space if not folded carefully and can also put a bad smell in the clean clothes.

 Nowadays there is a wide variety of options so you can buy special bags for dirty clothes. The good idea is to get one of them to organize and store the dirty clothes and also to keep the smell as little as possible.

 The objective is that the clean clothes do not mix with the used clothes so that when you get home if there are clothes that you have not used, you do not have the need to wash them all.

  1. Think about temperature changes

 You are probably going to travel to a new destination where you do not know the climate and temperature, so even if it is a sun and beach destination, it is a good idea to bring a jacket or sweatshirt in case the wind picks up, or the temperatures change when you go out at night. In addition, the air conditioning of the establishments in many hot destinations is usually really cold to the point of being able to get sick.

  1. Make your outfits before the trip

 A very good way to save space and have looks you like every day of the week is to pack only outfits you have already thought of. When we just put clothes randomly, we fall into putting clothes that later we do not have to wear, and in the end, they take up space in the suitcase without being used.

 Take clothes that you normally wear and that you know you are going to wear. The most important thing is to be comfortable and clear about what look you want to wear so you don’t spend hours thinking about putting things together in the back of the closet.

  1. Be careful with liquids

 One key issue is the liquids we put in the toiletry bag. Usually, when you travel by plane and pass the controls only allowed to carry a maximum of 10 small bottles of 100ml each. These measures are quite small, so you must select your desired products.

 One option is to take shampoo and solid soaps, which are becoming increasingly common nowadays and will allow you to reduce the level of liquids to use in a cologne or other product.

 Keep in mind the measures in case you are going to take a flight because when they check your suitcase, they will not hesitate to make you throw away any cologne, shampoo, or product that does not meet the requirements.

  1. Use a good method to store your clothes

 Finally, we leave you this tip that, although we have left it for the end, is one of the most important. How we fold our clothes to put them in the suitcase is crucial to saving a little space, finding the item we’re looking for without undoing the whole suitcase, and having a little order.

 Normally we fold the clothes as in our day-to-day when we put them in the closet, but this in the case of the suitcase only makes when you open it are all the clothes on top of each other and end up messing up everything. Therefore, we recommend that you roll up soft garments such as T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, and underwear that do not wrinkle and only fold shirts, pants, or more delicate garments in the traditional way.


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