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10 Pregnancy Tips for Expecting Mamas

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Whether you’ve just gotten started on your pregnancy journey or you’ve been trying — or already pregnant — for a while now, the world of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood can feel both amazing and overwhelming. Whether you’re going at it as a single mama with friends and family behind you or you have a partner by your side, pregnancy is a beautiful thing with a unique experience for every mama as an individual. That being said, each pregnancy journey will have its own unique ups and downs, varying even from pregnancy to pregnancy if you have — or plan on having — multiple kiddos. That being said, there are so many ways to make your pregnancy easier, happier and more enjoyable.

No matter what your pregnancy journey is like, there are tips, tricks and techniques you can use to help you along the way. When it comes to your pregnancy, you may find yourself trying out a variety of different techniques and settling into certain ones, or even changing things up from trimester to trimester. Really, it’s about doing what makes you happy and feeling good throughout your pregnancy. So here are ten pregnancy tips for all the expecting mamas out there.


    1. Take a Prenatal Vitamin

While not everybody wants to take a prenatal vitamin, many pregnant people find that it helps not only with fetal development, but also with pregnancy ailments and symptoms. From morning sickness to energy levels, prenatal vitamins can help with a variety of physical sensations. Many doctors even recommend taking prenatal vitamins up to three months before conception if you’re trying to conceive.

    2. Keep Up Your Workout

While certain workouts aren’t safe to do while pregnant, and you should always converse with your doctor about boundaries and safety, it’s quite healthy to exercise when you’re pregnant. In fact, it can make you feel much happier and healthier in your own body to engage in some light exercise during your pregnancy, even if that exercise changes depending on your ability level.

    3. Ditch the Heels

Did you know that more than two thirds of women experience back pain during pregnancy? While some of that back pain can be a result of the physical changes related to pregnancy, there are a lot of external factors that can increase that back pain during your pregnancy, and wearing heels has historically been associated with that back pain. If you notice your back hurts more when you wear heels during pregnancy, try ditching heels for more comfortable shoes.

    4. Read Up

If you have a bit of extra time on your hands during your pregnancy, now could be the time to get some reading in. There are so many pregnancy and parenting books out there, and while you may have a few you want to get to, broadening your horizons and diving a bit deeper while you have the time can make you feel both excited and a bit more secure.

    5. Use Your Community for Recommendations

One of the more stressful parts of pregnancy is finding the right doctors, healthcare providers and birthing professionals that make you feel the most comfortable in your pregnancy journey. One of the best ways to find people you know you can trust is to ask those around you for recommendations. Whether you prefer midwife services, OB/GYN services, doula services or a combination of those things, turning to those you trust can be the best way to find what you’re looking for.

    6. Remember to Rest

While you might feel like there’s a lot to do, resting is an important part of health and wellness for everyone, especially when you’re pregnant. You need to allow your body to heal and rejuvenate, for both you and the baby.

    7. Eat a Little More

Speaking of growth and rejuvenation, it can be important to remember that you’re eating for two now! With things like morning sickness, food aversion and queasiness, it can sometimes be hard to pack in those extra nutrients, eating at least 300 extra calories a day can help your baby grow to be its best self while keeping you nourished and happy.

    8. Keep a Food Diary

If you struggle with food aversion, morning sickness and nausea, keeping a food diary to track which foods tend to trigger those symptoms the most can help you center your diet on the foods that make you most comfortable. Try writing down meals, times and times when you feel uneasy, and see if any patterns arise.

    9. Capture Memories

While it might not be at the forefront of your mind, capturing the memories of your pregnancy by taking photos, journaling or even making video diaries might be something lovely to look back on! Capture those memories and moments while you can.

    10. Act Pregnant

This one can sometimes be difficult, especially for those mamas who are super self-sufficient and want to take on the world with one hand. When it comes to being pregnant, there also comes a time when you need to act pregnant. No more “one glass of wine” or late night when you know you’re too tired. People might want to help you with things, and your support system might just come through with even more support than usual, and that can be a beautiful thing. Pregnancy is beautiful, and acting like it can be a part of the experience.

Tips for Expecting Mamas

Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different, and that means each person will need to pay attention to certain things to make them more comfortable. Whether your pregnancy is all about ditching the heels or cracking open the books, you can curate the right journey for you, one trimester at a time.


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