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Soda. Pretty plain and simply, Zevia is soda but better. Zevia was created with the miracle ingredient, stevia, which makes it all natural and zero calories. Never any sugar or artificial sweeteners mean it’s a healthier soda for you and those that you love.

The great people at Zevia are offering FIVE lucky winners a 6-pack coupon! How great is that!

Mom Does Reviews loves Zevia! “Remember, when sipping your Zevia for the first time, make sure it’s super cold and drink it straight out of the can! My son loves that! He says the bubbles tickle. They really do. Drinking it straight out of the can keeps it from getting flat so soon. His favorite drink is the Cherry Cola. I love the Gingerale.”

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Not only is Zevia good to drink, it is extra tasty in a recipe like this Caffeine-Free Cupcakes:



  • 1 box of cupcake mix
  • 1 can of Zevia Caffeine Free Cola
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1 cup stevia (Stevia in the Raw, cup for cup used)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract powder


Combine cupcake mix and soda (omit any other ingredients), and bake as directed on the box.

For the frosting heat up the cream cheese in the microwave until it is creamy. Stir in the stevia and vanilla extract. You can drizzle it on the cupcakes, or spread it over the entire cupcake.


  • Your favorite Zevia flavor can be used instead of Zevia Caffeine Free Cola


  • Add chopped up nuts to the tops for some texture and flavor
  • Sprinkle cinnamon on top for some extra flavor and color
  • Add chopped up fruit for a burst of color and flavor

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