What services does lexis nexis offer.

Lexis Nexis is a global market leader in legal publications with a wide range of professional, practical and academic texts which cater to the broader legal audience including students, academics and legal professionals with up to date, relevant and cutting edge legal content on a broad scale of topics.

The content of these books range include academic textbook publications, journals and opinions written on the relevant legal developments in the professional and academic legal community. Our publications are used by a broad spectrum of legal and quasi-legal professionals as basis for academic study and reference throughout their careers.

The reliance on our relevant content is one of the factors that make Lexis Nexis one of the most widely respected legal publishers around the globe and places these materials as the foundations for young legal minds’ education.

Our books cover the most relevant subjects in law ranging from broad subject areas -such as Administrative Law, Civil & Political Rights, Evidence, Family Law, Contract Law, Corporation Law and Criminal Law- to more specific legal study covering more specialist topics -including Trade Practices, Consumer & Credit Law, Transport, Computer Law, Media & Communications, Medicine and News & Business. The range of subjects ensure that our materials are suitable for any level of academic study from introductory material to more advanced study. In addition to which, most of the books published by Lexis Nexis include important elements of practical information which will allow for the easy transition from academic study to legal practice. The books are written by esteemed authors with formidable professional and academic reputations, including former and current Justices, Professors and legal professionals. This ensures that the content is both relevant, current and accurate in line with current industry knowledge.

In addition to forming a reputable foundation for academic study, our books are also used as reference materials for industry professionals, as we endeavor to ensure that current events and developments in law, whether policy, legislative or judicial are covered in the latest publications. In addition to local content, our books provide a necessary international comparative perspective where applicable to the subject matter, most notably the concurrences between commonwealth legal systems. At Lexis Nexis, we aim to provide an efficient overview of the subject matter covered in our books with relevant consideration of the broader social, economic and political landscape which ensures that our content reflects the needs of legal professionals in Australia.

Through extensive and careful selection of relevant material and meticulous nurturing of our industry partnerships, we are able to ensure that Lexis Nexis remains on the forefront of legal development that is applicable to both professionals and students, with high standards for quality of content and accuracy being our priority. Our wide range of law books and publications ensure that current legal references are updated on a regular basis, as well as providing useful periodic insights into legal developments across all subject matters. This ensures that there is an ease of access to information for those in the industry to ensure competency of our legal professionals across the board.



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