Ten Best, Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – 2014.

valentines-dayGo beyond the traditional roses and chocolates at Valentine’s Day this year. Show the special woman in your life your creative and discriminating side instead. Give her something that makes a lasting impression in 2014.

1. Pay attention to her Pinterest boards before V-day. Most women collect their heart’s desires on a “wish list” type board in their account. You can easily discover whether your sweetie wants a special handbag or jewelry item, or simply time to do nothing but relax with a good book.

2. Shop a local artisanal store to find a Victorian-styled art glass and silver pendant or other one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Your special someone is sure to love having a beautiful bauble that no one else will own.

3. Schedule a spa day for the two of you. Share a couple’s massage and other pampering treats as you relax and enjoy the company of one another. She will enjoy her luxurious treatments, and you might have a great time, too.

4. Schedule a private helicopter or small plane ride over your city or the local scenery. The two of you will get an unforgettable new perspective on your town, one that few people ever see.

5. Get her a personalized crafty gift this year. Products range from flags or stepping-stones to tee shirts or beautiful custom artwork. You can even create the gift yourself. Take a picture of your names drawn in the sand inside a heart, and frame it in a classic black picture frame.

6. Visit unique online stores like think geek to discover classy but reasonably priced gifts not available at the local mega-mart. Perhaps select a gift from Geek toys or electronics, posters, books, bath and more. Never miss extra discount by using online special offers. At coupon code day you can easily find coupon codes for thinkgeek as well as many other gift stores.

7. Escape with your special someone even if it is only for a few hours out on the town. Avoid the usual hotspots like upscale restaurants and the horse and buggy ride. Instead, find a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast and book a room or suite complete with in-room Jacuzzi. Arrange delivery of a romantic, gourmet meal for two served in your room. Don’t forget the champagne and strawberries!

8. Engage and pre-pay a cleaning service to come deep clean the house and carpet. Get the kids and pets out of the way for a few hours so your love can enjoy the sounds and smells of other people cleaning her home. She can revel in the peaceful quiet of a perfectly clean home once the cleaning crew leaves. Arrange for her to have a great new book and snugly wrap available for lounging on the couch.

9. Spend the day exploring your city like tourists. Buy a visitor’s guide, and visit all the “must see” sights and museums. Dine out at one of the recommended pubs or diners listed in the guide. Do the silly things tourists do on vacation, like take selfies in front of local landmarks or have strangers take your picture. Be sure post the photos on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day.

10. For the ultimate 2014 Valentine’s Day gift, propose to her. Make sure to do it on one knee to satisfy that inner traditional romantic inside her heart.


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  • January 25, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Oh, I love the a spa day for the two of you and cleaning service ideas. If I got both on one day I’d probably pass out from sheer happiness.


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