How to Take Advantage of Company Giveaways

Company giveaways, more popularly known as freebies, are promotional merchandise that businesses give away for free to market a brand or a product. From the perspective of a business, they are doing so in order to garner attention and build brand awareness, but from the perspective of the opportunistic customer, freebies can be a great way to get some pretty cool stuff for free!

In case you are interested in getting free products that can range from a Walmart gift card to fragrances from the top luxury brands like Armani or Gucci, we have prepared a handy little guide, just for you.

Sign Up with Just Freebies

When a site has a name like Just Freebies, it’s pretty much obvious what you can expect from them really! The very first step towards taking advantage of company giveaways is to sign up with Just Freebies because of the simple fact that there are always freebies available on the website, each and every day of the year.

They even have separate sections for kids, men, women, health, food & drink, perfume, beauty and so many other categories for free stuff given away by various companies. Whether you are looking for some PayPal cash to shop with or a brand new tee, the choices are vast, to say the least. Do check it out and you may not even need to do anything else to satiate your need for freebies.

Do Not Waste Time and Effort on Things You Do Not Need

Now, just because they are available for free, it doesn’t mean that you should get it. Try to find stuff that’s actually useful to you and has some relevance to you or your lifestyle. For instance, a PayPal or Walmart gift card is always going to be useful and that’s pretty much universal in nature, but do you really need that toaster?

It’s perfectly fine if you do, but you should know that even freebies may come with a limit to how much you can get within a certain amount of time, so being choosy might actually help you get the most out of company giveaways.

Are You Making the Most Out of Your Credit Card Bonuses?

People are often unpleasantly surprised when they actually take a look at how much potential freebies and discounts they waste by not being mindful of the many promotional offers which the credit card companies and banks have going on, throughout the year.

Cashback, flight and hotel booking discounts, food discount coupons, rewards for using the credit card and paying it back on time are just some of the many ongoing promotional offers these companies have. Do read your marketing emails from time to time and you might find some awesome freebies from your creditor.

Sign Up On Multiple Websites

Just Freebies is the staple website where most freebie lovers already have an account, but don’t be shy to sign up on a few of the others as well because that will widen your options.

Make Use of Your Birthday

From heavy discounts on expensive purchases, to free meals from restaurants; your birthday can finally be something more than a reminder that you just got a year older!

Every time a legitimate business asks for your birthday, give it out to them and start checking your inbox for amazing freebies, discounts, and giveaways exclusively given to you on your birthday, or maybe even throughout the month of your birthday.

Do be careful of the scam sites, though, because there are quite a bunch of them around that will try to cheat you. Always Google the name of the website and see what people are saying about them first, before giving it a try.


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