399073_451226498225572_1066233085_n7My daughter is absolutely, positively amazing. I know we all think that about our kids but seriously, mine really is! 😉 She is extremely bright, loving, polite, giving, beautiful (inside and out), and so many other verbs that I could go on and on. The only time she gets icky a.k.a. has a tantrum is when she is extremely tired and does not feel well. To make this long story even longer, she is what every parent hopes for when they have kids. Gosh, I hope child number two, if we have one, turns out the same!

It is because of this complete awesomeness that I was completely shocked last year when I went in to pick up my little one from Preschool and the teacher asked us to wait until everyone had left so we could talk. She proceeded to explain that my daughter is an absolute joy to have in the classroom. She is all of the verbs that I mentioned above but there is one problem … she won’t sit still. During story time, she would get up and walk around the room. During learning time she wanted to travel to other “stations” to see what everyone else was doing. There were a number of examples but it is all a blur as I started thinking about home life and how often my little one actually sat still. Hmmm, I could see what the teacher was saying. There was even a question about her bottom being too “boney” and maybe sitting on hard surfaces made her uncomfortable. The bottom line was that we needed to address this concern and soon. As we addressed it I kept checking in with the teacher to see if there were improvements and within a month things got better; there were only comments here and there for the remainder of the year.

Summer came, we were active, and then a new school year began. As did the concern about my daughter’s inability to sit still! Once again I started thinking about home life. Now that she mentioned it, about the only time my little one sits still is when she is on her iPad or watching her favorite carton (TMNT) but even that is a stretch. We needed a solution.


Enter Senseez. The vibrating pillow for kids, helping little bums sit!

Senseez are vibrating cushions that offer a gentle sensation when squeezed or sat on. The cushions are bright, lightweight, and fun-shaped and little ones find them relaxing, calming, or soothing. If your kid(s) have trouble sitting for meals, stories, car ride, school work, or anything Senseez may be able to help.

Senseez are for children who have difficulty sitting in one place, fishing a task, getting distracted easily, with tactile sensitivities, and with concentration.

While great for little ones with a lot of energy, the Senseez sensory cushions are also ideal special needs cushions; especially for children with autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorder. The vibration cushions can clam kids who need more sensory feedback. They are also helpful in training hypersensitive kids to tolerate more sensations.

While we have not advanced to sending our Senseez to school with my daughter, we have been easing her into usage at home. The other night she actually sat still at the kitchen table and worked on her name and phone number; the two things her teacher asked us to work on over the weekend. Without our Senseez this would have been an exercise in futility that likely would have resulted in me having less hair. Two thumbs up from our house.

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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voiding my opinion of this product.


  1. This would be good for my granddaughter. I love sensory things 🙂

  2. This pillow certainly is very unique.

  3. My son has ADHD, and my niece has sensory processing issues. Neither one can sit through a meal. I’m wondering if this might help one or both of them.

  4. This is a great idea.

  5. This would be so great for my son who has so much trouble sitting still.

  6. I learned that this would work well for special needs kids with sensory issues

  7. I think this is such a neat idea.

  8. I love the thought of how this could work. My grandson is so in need of help sitting still in school, Maybe this is what he needs?

  9. Would love to try this for my grandson

  10. These are so neat, love to have one, look so comfy

  11. what a cool idea, i never even thought to do that, i love the bumpy turtle one the most very cute the octopus is cute too

  12. I’ve heard of Senseez before and I have thought about getting one for my son. He never sits still either.

  13. I had never heard of these before today but I think this sounds like such a great invention.

  14. this is so neat, I want to sit on it

  15. I’ve never heard about Senseez before today, but it looks to be a great concept!

  16. This pillow is such a great idea for so many children that have difficulties sitting still. I’m glad it was successful with your daughter. They’re really cute too!

  17. i like the furry ones. I’d never heard of these before 😉


  19. Love this, never seen anything like this before. Would love to have one!

  20. What a wonderful idea, the ingenuity astounds me! Now I’m wondering why I didn’t think of this!! And frankly I want one for me too:)

  21. love this pillow good luck to all

  22. I would love to win this for my Grandson

  23. great idea– can see the need for this item– thanks for the review

  24. What an interesting idea, my 4 year cant always sit still, I would love to try it.

  25. My child would be helped by this as we need her to sit still on occasion.

  26. oh my goodness what a great grandbabies are going to so love this.thanks for the share.

  27. I have 3 kids ages 7, 6 & 2. I think this would benefit all of them in different situations.

  28. how nice this would be,no i havent heard of this before,,with 13 grandchildren it would be nice to have

  29. This pillow would be great for the grand kids to soothe them.

  30. This might be just what my autistic daughter needs! thank you for review:)

  31. Ah, cute and caring for the heart pillow helping her bum be more comfortable. Good of the teacher to think of different causes. 🙂 Good job to you! And so glad it helped.

  32. I am really loving this pillow, and love that it comforts the little one, Also I really like the design and color they chose 🙂

  33. This would be great for my niece. The pillows are all cute too.

  34. My grandson has a problem sitting still I would love to try this with him

  35. I would love to try this with my Granddaughter who has sensory problems

  36. I am a 3rd grade teacher and this would be great a few of my kids!

  37. My youngest is in the process of being tested for ADHD. I think this product is so great and alot of children will benefit from it!

  38. I was amaze how helpful this cushion is for children. I love the cover and bright color .

  39. My granddaughter would absolutely love this! She is very figgity….so I think this would help for sure. I know if it helps, my daughter would appreciate it too! haha

  40. This looks great!

  41. I would love to have this for my niece who has A.D.D,she has trouble sitting still to focus,I think this cushion could definitely improve things.

  42. I like the designs, especially the furry touchables! Certainly more fun for kids than sitting on an ordinary chair.

  43. One granddaughter used one of these for her oversensitivity. I want to win this for another granddaughter that I feel will benefit.

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