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Want to give a gift to a friend but don’t know what to buy? Gift cards are always a good idea. While they may seem a bit generic, the truth is your friend will be thrilled as they will have the liberty to use the money to buy exactly what they want. Just recently, I was given a gift card as a birthday present, and the truth is I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I know it may not be the most personal, but now I get to buy myself something I’ve wanted for quite some time!

The best thing about gift cards is that some retailers even let you earn them for free by completing online surveys and other activities. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then you’ve come to the right place! After trying out more than a few gift card apps, I’ve rounded up a list of my top 4 favorites. However, I grouped them into two categories depending on the type of benefit they provide. The first group is great for earning free gift cards by completing surveys. And, the second group is great if you want to earn gift cards and prizes by entering sweepstakes.

Apps for Earning Gift Cards by Filling Out Surveys

Filling out surveys is a great way to earn gift cards. Many companies want to learn more about the public’s opinion on certain products, so they usually offer online coupons, online discounts and gift cards as compensation for completing surveys. The first group of apps I selected is great for earning gift card rewards by answering questions. So, rather than paying for your Starbucks coffee, you can use a gift card and save yourself some money.

Apps: Swagbucks, Panel App

My first choice is Swagbucks. What I really like about it is that you can earn gift cards that you can use in a wide range of stores, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, The Home Depot, Walmart, and more. I also like how you can redeem gift cards for amounts between $5 and $25. So, rather than waiting for a balance to build up, you can get your rewards anytime you want. The only drawback I’ve found is that survey availability depends on your age, gender, income, location, and more. However, there are so many surveys to fill out that you will always find an opportunity to earn some easy cash.

My second choice is Panel App. One of the reasons I really like it is that you can earn gift cards in many different ways. Not only can you earn rewards by completing surveys, but you can also earn money by referring friends, sharing your location, or by simply shopping at your favorite stores. I also like that you can enter sweepstakes for big prizes such as an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. My only complaint is that sometimes gift cards take some time to process. However, with just a bit of patience, you’ll be saving money on your next Home Depot or Best Buy purchase.

Apps for Earning Gift Cards and Prizes by Entering Sweepstakes

Filling out surveys isn’t the only way to earn rewards and discounts. The second group of apps I selected takes a different route, as you can earn gift cards and prizes by playing games and entering sweepstakes. So, if you don’t feel like answering questions to earn money, then you might prefer an app from this group instead.

Apps: Giveaway Free, Lucktastic

My third choice is Giveaway Free. I found this to be a great choice if you want to enter sweepstakes for big prizes just by watching ads. I also like the prize selection, as you can choose to participate in sweepstakes for a variety of items, including gaming consoles, smart TVs, headphones, gift cards, and more. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to accumulate the points you’ve earned by watching ads. So, if you want to maximize your chances at winning a prize, you’ll need to submit entries one at a time.

My fourth choice is Lucktastic. I actually found this one fairly recently as I was doing research for this article. I had come across a top 10 list of the best gift card apps, and this one was a clear winner for me. I’ll drop the link below in case you want to check out the full list, as they had many similar apps for earning rewards.

List of Gift Cards Apps

Like my previous pick, you earn points by watching short ads in Lucktastic. However, you also have the option to play scratch cards games just as if you were playing the lottery. I found the variety of scratch games to be really fun, as you can choose from many themes including Monopoly, Pirate Shipwreck, Lucky Stars, and more. I also found the variety of prize options to be really impressive. Not only can you win gift cards, but you can also earn free meals, magazine subscriptions, and cash prizes too. If you are not a fan of ads, then this might not be the best option for you, as Lucktastic’s business model relies on running ads. For an ad-free experience, you might prefer an app from my first group instead.


So, these are my top 4 favorite apps for earning gift cards. Whether you want to earn gift cards for yourself or want to give them as a present to a friend, these apps provide an easy way to earn rewards during your free time. My personal favorite is Swagbucks. What about you? Let me know what your favorite gift card app is in the comments. And, have fun earning rewards!



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