Safety First!!

Safety is an important part of life and should be a topic of discussion with your children and others close to you. I have conversations with my children and grand kids all of the time to let them know how important it is to be safe. There are thousands of safety signs, traffic signs, danger signs, warning signs, and even more.

Sometimes when me and the kids are walking we take the time to point out the different Street Signs. 
This helps to give the children a sense of direction to and from their home. Some street signs will also have numbers listed on them. Those numbers are also good for Delivery Drivers they help them find what number block they are in.   

No Trespassing Signs  is entering an area without permission and children should know where and where not to go. The “NO TRESPASSING” sign is a helpful sign that could keep you out of danger.Children should know that it is possible for them to get into serious trouble with the police if they are trespassing. That’s another important sign to pay attention to.

The kids wanted to know how important Road Signs are. I explain that road signs are extremely  important. Signs tell the drivers whats coming ahead. They help alert the drivers if  there is a large activity of animals in that area. You always want to make sure you pay attention to roadside signs we don’t want to hurt any people or animals. Many roadsigns can also tell you when traffic is heavy. So while you’re out enjoying your walk with the kids express to them how road signs, street signs and many other signs are important to our everyday life.

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