Rejuvenation Microbubble Shower Head review/giveaway

1377459041_RejuvenatorLogoFinalwithSlogan71CbwGZmxaL._SL1500_Rejuvenator wants you to have the pleasure of deep clean skin with their new Spa Touch action with Microbubble Technology Shower Head . There’s nothing like feeling the sensation of bubbles on your skin and that’s what this shower head provides, pulsating bubbles, soft water effect, massage feeling, cleanliness all while keeping your skin hydrated unlike most shower heads that leaves your skin dry.

It gives your skin the healthy nourishment it needs. I love the feeling that the Rejuvenator Microbubble Technology Shower Head provides, I have had many shower heads installed and nothing can compare to this one.

I even found it to be very beneficial when washing my daughters hair. Many shower heads release such a stream of hard water that will effect your hair and skin. Not this one, within minutes I noticed a change in the feel of my daughters hair as well as the cleansing.

Its a remarkable shower head and very easy to install and also will save money because you will be using less water, now who doesn’t want to save money! The key to this shower head is the infusion of billions of microbubbles. Each one ironically charges for a penetrating deep clean effect. When these negatively charged bubbles touch your skin, they attract dirt and oil particles from not only the surface of the skin, but also deep within pores.

Photo Curiosity Of Rejuvenator
Photo Curiosity Of Rejuvenator

So this Holiday Season give the gift of that spa feeling with the Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower Head, your skin will be forever changed, good healthy skin is the key to good overall well being!

Induced in the package:

Shower Head


  • Microbubbles for healthy skin (adjustable micro bubble size)
  • Self-cleaning jets
  • Full coverage of spray



  • 1.5 meter “Argent” shower hose (anti-corrosion)
  • Matching hand shower silver
  • Anti-tangling function
  • Brass connector for durability



  • Dual shower switch with matching metallic coating
  • Enables you to re-install the original shower head




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