Nutrisystem Week #16 #NSNation

Yes you read it right, it is week number #16 and I’m not feeling it at all this week. I’m still only 14lbs down and I feel like I’ve lost the battle.I had a chance to speak with a few of my blogger mom’s who too are on Nutrisystem and they have lost more then I. I have been on the system for now 3months and it seems I’m staying steady almost each week.

I understand that trying to lose weight at my age is a little more difficult then  younger mom’s but geez it just seem like I should have loss more. I know if I was able to do a daily exercise regiment it would help out more but with my back injury that’s out of the question.

I don’t know , not sure if it is just this day that is making me feel like a failure or is it Nutrisystem is not working for me like I thought it would. I’m going to keep going because I have never ever allowed anything to stop me from completing my goals.

Well I’m off to eat my lunch which will be the wedding soup and a few crackers. I will have one of my dinner meals today along with a diet coke.

Remember you too can join  Nutrisystem, just call them today at (1-866-241-6165) or visit their website and speak to a representative to help you set up your meal planning.

Disclaimer Statement

The opinions are that of my own. Nutrisystem has given me samples to try and if any questions or concerns come up with this product please contact their PR department.


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One thought on “Nutrisystem Week #16 #NSNation

  • October 3, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Deep breathes for you. I’m also doing Nutrisystem and the first thing I’ve learned is that I cannot compare how I am doing against anyone else.

    Second, 14 lbs is good! Look at how many people who haven’t lost 14 lbs.

    Third, you will keep those 14 lbs off. You are making a lifestyle change not just a fad diet that will cause you to gain all that weight back.

    Fourth, I’m sending you hugs. I am on Week 36 myself and some weeks it is hard to keep up the motivation, but keep working the program! (I’m down 64 lbs myself!)


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