Nutrisystem Week #13 #NSNation

Garden Vegetable Omelet 

Yaaaa! It’s week #13 for me being on Nutrisystem and before I started my day I weighed myself  to see if I lost anything. Yes I said to myself,  I lost 1 more pound. This brings me to a total of 12…yaaaaaa LOL!! You many be saying why is this girl  so excited over 1 little pound!!
Well pounds add up and they’re sure to help make a difference. My meal this morning was very good, I started off with my protein shake and my Garden Vegetable Omelet. I simply love my coffee protein shakes
Looks like I’m slowly going down and the wait has been so worth it.  I’ve noticed  that when I eat something other than my regular Nutrisystem  food, my stomach seems to act up. Now you too can join me, just visit Nutrisystem and sign up to get the ball rolling. You can even call (1-888-853-4689) and speak with a Nutrisystem representative to help you get started.
I’m off to prepare my lunch and I already have my dinner in mind, look below to see: 

                  Chef’s Table™ Steak Tagliata
It’s so tender and good and yes it is a five star entree

Well until next week….remember you too can make a difference in your weight just join me and let Nutrisystem help you loss those pounds!
Disclaimer Statement
The opinions are that of my own. Nutrisystem has given me samples to try and if any questions or concerns come up with this product please contact their PR department.


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