Most Attractive Attributes of an Excellent Web Browser.

It’s something you use just about everyday to help in your ongoing quest for everything from finding a great new lunch spot to seeking the hottest deals on your favorite brands. A web browser does more than just take you where you want to go online. If you are on the cynical side, it’s easy to say that a browser is a browser; it just takes you to the places you want to go online and that’s it. Upon further examination, this isn’t entirely true. There are many subtle touches and extra features that can enhance and personalize your browsing experience.

Bookmark Management

There are certain sites you visit on a regular basis, so bookmarking is a must. Unfortunately, your bookmarks can easily add up quickly and become a big ol’ mess akin to that one closet you’re afraid to even open. Bookmark management features such as creating different folders so you group your bookmarks by category come in handy when trying to keep your bookmarks in order.

Spell Checking

The spell checking feature on a web browser comes in handy when you are looking for something, but you’re not sure how to spell it. If you are close enough, you type in something like “chicken chow main” and end up with “showing results for chicken chow mein” as a gentle way of letting you know that you misspelled it. On a related note, an automatic suggestions feature can help you with typo errors when entering a web address.

Download Management

It’s not usual to download multiple files at once. Having a browser that can keep track of what your downloading comes in handy. This includes protections such as stopping you from downloading broken or incomplete files.

Search Engine Toolbar

Not every toolbar is created equal. Most browsers give you the option to add or hide toolbar features based on your specific needs. Some browsers give you options such as AutoFill, which allows you to save basic information to fill out forms online, New Tab Page, which allows you to easily start a new tab so that you can keep your current page while searching for something else, and various custom toolbar gadgets.

Pop-up Blocker

Pop-ups can be annoying, which makes a pop-up blocker feature essential. Most pop-up blockers allow you to determine which sites to allow pop-ups for while automatically excluding others since there are times when you actually want to a site to open multiple windows.

Web History Management

The Web history features allows you to view your current history by usually showing your ten most recent searches. A good Web management tool should give you the option to view your entire history or delete everything when it becomes too cluttered. Some Web management tools allow you to restore tabs you previously created while performing searches.


Not every thing you search for is safe. Most of the popular browsers (Google, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) provide decent security features. These features include warning you if a site appears to “under attack” or poses a serious risk to your system. Browser security features also include restrictions for younger users such as automatically blocking sites with adult content from appearing on a search results page.

Special Features

There are many special features you can add to further enhance and personalize your web browser. If your browser gets too cluttered, you can always restore default settings to start from scratch. Popular browser features include:

• SPDY – This Google Chrome feature allows you to quickly load more complex webpages with various images, HTML features, embedded links, scrolling text, and other features that can take slow your page load time.

• Deep Extensions – This Firefox features allows you access to an application programming interface that allows you to use browser parts to create full desktop applications.

As innovations in browser technology continue, there will be more and more choices when it comes to the features available for your browser. Internet Explorer recently debuted a browser that keeps track of how much energy you are using while performing various tasks. Think about what features you use most and include those in your browser to start. You can always add or delete options later.

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