Miracles can happen when you use Isle Of Eden…Gourmet Body Scrub….review & giveaway!!!

WOW, I can’t believe Christmas is over already…can you? It was truly wonderful for me and my family and I hope it was the same for you and yours. Over the course of Christmas I had the pleasure of reviewing Isle Of Eden Whipped Body Scrub. I shared one of my body scrubs with my daughter. I tried the Jade Empress and my daughter tried the Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake.

A little about Isle of EdenThey are the first to bring sugar scrubs to life! Alexa van Eden is  the creator of all theses wonderful body scrubs. She makes them with many rainbow vivid colors and an array of different fragrances starting from “Blood Orange Sunset to “Green Goddess” they are all Homemade too. After much research Alexa focused on the importance of exfoliation the skin. Each of her Isle of Eden body scrubs are packed with nourishing ingredients like Organic oils, butter,multiple grain-size of sugar and many more ingredients.  http://www.isleofeden.com/  Isle Of Eden allows you to feel like that old commercial called….Calgon take me away…well now it should be called Isle Of Eden TAKE ME AWAY…pampering not only your body but leaving a long lasting fragrance that pampers the heart too.

When they arrive the first thing I did was open them up and smell the wonderful fragrance…now keep in mind that she create many different styles…some are Whipped,  giving you that real smooth whip cream affect. I opened up my Jade Empress and my daughter opened up the Royal Blackberry Marshmallow White Cake…OMGoodness when I tried it in the shower the effect of the scrub was Awesome. It feels so funny applying it on but once you lather it up…WOW, the smell and the feeling of Isle Of Eden is smooth and very vibrate.

It lathers up very very good and once it rinses off it doesn’t leave the body with that griming feeling. Your body is smooth and smelling all so GOOD! I love the consistency of Isle Of Eden. Believe it or not…I have never had a body scrub fragrance last as long as Isle Of Eden…..you smell good for a long time. LOL

Now it was my daughters turn to try hers out……the funny thing about her is she bathed twice a day using her body scrub that’s how pleased she is with it.

Mom: Lex, how do you like your body scrub
 Lex:  Mom, I think I am in love with it..lol
 Mom: What do you like the most
 Lex:  I love the feel of the sugar crystals
 Mom: What about the fragrance
 Lex: I like how it stays on your body for a long period of time

Well, Thanks Lex and there you go everyone. Isle Of Eden is one of the “BEST” Body Scrubs around.

Thanks Alexa!! 

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