Losing Control:Caring For the Elderly And Incontinence.

Incontinence is an issue that very few people like to talk about.It is more common than you may think,with over 12 million United States residents suffering from it every day.People of all ages can suffer from inconvenient and embarrassing condition,but the majority of those who do feel the effects of it are over the age sixty.Are you aware that it is much more common in women than men. This is largely owing to the fact that it is the women who have children and thus the muscles that control leakage from the bladder often let them down.If you are planning to or already do care for the elderly then it is an issue that you will have to face sooner rather than later.Unfortunately, the elderly are at risk of having at least one of the many causes of incontinence.These include,but are not limited to weakened pelvic muscles,urinary tract infections,enlarged prostate gland in men,diabetes,high calcium levels within the body.Most elderly people have at least one of the above,if not a combination of them and thus they cannot control their urinary functioning.Unfortunately , incontinence is not necessarily treatable in the elderly.You may well find yourself changing him or her every hour or so, which would also create a sense of embarrassment and discomfort for the individual in question.One thing we do know is…. it can be managed with the “Night Helper Potty Watch/Medication Reminder”.

Until next time help your love one or elderly friend learn how to cope with incontinence without making him or her feel embarrassed and ashamed.

We all will need someone one day to assist us!!!!!

Stay Blessed


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