Let the music move you, its good for the soul!

Everyday you see millions of people walking around with their iPods, Phones and yes, portable radio’s listening to music.

Music is what we call in the medical field therapeutic and very good for the soul. With all the different channels there is no music station unturned. Thousands of people tune in everyday seeking to find that right radio station that offer great music and great music interaction.

Do you know many people do not know the difference between active listening and real listening when it comes to music.

An Active Listener is someone who is listening to music while still doing chores or doing something other than listening and enjoy the music.

A Real Listener is someone who sits back and enjoys the music completely, listening to the words, the beats, the tune, lyrics and melody. They simply pay attention to every detail. This allows the individual to enjoy the music to the fullest.

So next time you turn on your radio station or play your favorite CD sit back with a cup of coffee or a drink of choice and develop your mental map of the musicians and singers……become that real listener sit back and enjoy the music.

Are you a Active Listener or a Real Listener?






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